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Quick Tips for the Perfect Cross Stitch Designs

Cross stitch is a form of counted thread embroidery that Sims are now able to learn as a new activity in The Sims 4 Cottage Living.

In this Cross Stitch guide we will explain how you can make various cross stitch products. Hang them on your walls or place them on surfaces around your house. You may want to jump straight into cross stitching, but good preparations make a big difference for better outcomes. 

Nothing says love and patience like a carefully stitched piece of art! Cross-stitch pieces are perfect for decorations, selling, or as a gift for the little critter hanging around your garden. Choose from three different size hoops and get stitching!

Get a Llama buddy

For the cheapest Cross Stitch patterns you’ll need to get yourself a llama. When you take good care of your new friend, the llama will generate wool that you can use in your Cross Stitching projects. You can read all about taking care of llama’s in our Llama Guide. Llamas can give you normal wool, but also colored wool. 

Young children will be able to cross stitch and collect fur from Llamas.

Gather all Cross Stitch Designs

Your Sim can learn new patterns with each level up and running errands for other Sims in town. Some of the small critters like birds and bunnies might also give your Sim something new to stitch, but only if you give them something in return. Patterns can be unlocked by leveling the cross-stitch skill and other patterns can be gifted by neighbors or small critters. 

We’ve gathered all the 40 Cross Stitch Patterns that are available in the Cottage Living expansion pack. You can choose between different pattern categories like nature, food and even phrases. Create small medium or large hoops, the design will remain the same with each different size. Below we divided all the patterns in different categories and how to unlock them. 

Tip: Focussed Sims will level the cross-stitching skill much faster.


Stick Figures

Phrases & Mascots

Unlocks at Skill level 2.

When Opportunity Knocks Open the Door
Into Fitness…
This Took Forever
Live Everyday Like It’s Taco Tuesday
You Are More Than Who You Were
Dogs Welcome, Sims Tolerated
Laugh, Love, Get To Know
Keep Calm, Keep Simming
Larry the Lobster


Unlocks at Skill level 3.

Blueberries and Raspberries
Cowplant (gifted pattern)
Aubergine (gifted pattern)
Lettuce (gifted pattern)
Watermelon (gifted pattern)
Advanced Pumpkin (gifted pattern)

Sims & Animals

Unlocks at Skill level 4.

Bird (gifted pattern)
Cat (gifted pattern)
Cow (gifted pattern)
Dog (gifted pattern)
Llama (gifted pattern)
Llamacorn (gifted pattern)
Rabbit (gifted pattern)


Unlocks at Skill level 5.

Eggs and Milk
Beef Wellington (gifted pattern)
Chocolate Pie (gifted pattern)
Crumpets (gifted pattern)
Pumpkin Pie (gifted pattern)
Yorkshire Pudding (gifted pattern)
You can start Cross Stitching anywhere! In the park, in your local bar or when you’re bored while visiting your in-laws. Just make sure you bring your Sew Kit.

Stitch from Reference

This skill unlocks when you reach skill level 5. Click on the Cross Stitch Basket to stitch from reference. You can choose between a small, medium or large hoop. You will be able to take a picture in the world and your Sim will stitch that pattern. This is a great option if you want to appraise your Llama who helped you create the materials. 

How to hang Cross Stitches on the Wall

When you’re trying to place a Cross-Stitch product on your lot, it will only be placable on surfaces. If you want to hang it on the wall you’ll have to click on the finished Cross Stitch in your inventory and choose the option: Create Wall Mounted Copy.

You can Cross Stitch everywhere…
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