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Requirements to build Venues

The Sims 4 Venue - Gym

Would you like to build custom venues in The Sims 4? You can! You will need some minimum requirements so that they can function properly. You can choose between different venues: Bar, Gym, Library, Lounge, Museum, National Park, Nightclub and a Park. If you want to build your own in The Sims 4, here is what you need to be sure to include:

These are the requirements to build Venues in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Venue - Bar


The Bar is a great place to wind down at the end of the day and meet a few friends (or make new ones).
[col type=”6″]1 Bar
4 Barstools
4 Dining Chairs
1 Sink
1 Toilet[/col][col type=”6″]1 Waste Disposal
2 Dining Tables
1 Stereo
1 Television

The Sims 4 Venue - Gym


The local gym is where you come to get fit, get mean, and get more attractive.
[col type=”6″]4 Workout Equipment
1 Shower[/col][col type=”6″]1 Sink
1 Toilet[/col]

The Sims 4 Venue - Library


The Library is a great public resource. It’s where one comes to enjoy some peace and quiet, and even read a few books!
[col type=”6″]3 Bookshelf
3 Desks
5 Desk Chairs
2 Computers
1 Sink[/col][col type=”6″]1 Toilet
1 Waste Disposal
2 Living Room Chairs
1 Chess Table

The Sims 4 Venue - Lounge


When you don’t want to sit at the bar and don’t want a wild night at the Club, come to the Lounge for good conversation and tasty beverages.
[col type=”6″]1 Bar
3 Barstools
2 Dining Tables
4 Dining Chairs
2 Love Seats
1 Sink[/col][col type=”6″] 1 Toilet
1 Waste Disposal
1 Stereo
1 Microphone
1 Musical Instrument

The Sims 4 Venue - Museum


The Museum is a collection of community and worldwide art, showcasing that taste sometimes, but not always, has a place on your wall.
[col type=”6″]10 Wall Decor
5 Sculptures
1 Easel[/col][col type=”6″]1 Sink
1 Toilet
1 Waste Disposal[/col]

The Sims 4 Venue - National Park

National Park

Grill some hot dogs and enjoy a family picnic in serene forest.
[col type=”6″]1 Gril
1 Trash Can[/col][col type=”6″]1 Picnic Table

The Sims 4 Venue - Nightclub


The Nightclub is an excellent place to dance, enjoy the music, and have a delightful concoction.
[col type=”6″]1 Bar
3 Barstools
3 Dining Tables
6 Dining Chairs[/col][col type=”6″]1 Sink
1 Toilet
1 Waste Disposal
1 Stereo[/col]

The Sims 4 Venue - Park


Take a stroll around this beautiful outdoor space. Watch the kids scream with delight around the playground.
[col type=”6″]1 Sink
1 Toilet
1 Waste Disposal
2 Benches
1 Chess Table[/col][col type=”6″]1 Monkey Bars
1 Patio Table
4 Outside Patio Chairs
1 Jungle Gym

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  1. So, what happens if you don’t meet these requirements? Why can’t we build parks for adults that don’t include monkey bars? I’ve been to tons of parks irl that don’t have bathrooms. Why does the Sims’ world need all parks to have bathrooms?

  2. I don’t understand how to let my family buy a lounge! It only allows my family to buy a retail lot when I click on their cell phone. If I do that, it doesn’t allow me to select the lounge I built.
    However, if I change the lot type to retail I can buy it. But then it doesn’t allow me to switch lot types back to a lounge because someone owns it.

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