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How to create a Split level room

Turorial: Create Split Level Room in The Sims 4

Tutorial: Create a Split Level Room in The Sims 4

This is a quick and simple tutorial for creating split level rooms in The Sims 4. They are also called, sunken rooms or lowered rooms.

Step 1 – Create a room with the Wall Tool – B.

Tutorial: Sunken Room

Step 2 – Add foundation to your build. The height doesn’t matter because it will all work. You can change the foundation height after, to get the desired height for your split level room.

Tutorial: Sunken Room Foundation

Step 3 – Drag a wall with the Wall Tool – B too mark your lowered room.

Tutorial: Sunken Room Add Wall

Step 4 – Click on the Sledgehammer – K and delete the floor that needs to be lowered.

Tutorial: Sunken Room Delete Floor

Step 5 – Delete the wall between the lowered room and the elevated room to make it one.

Tutorial: Sunken Room Delete Wall

Step 6 – Place a stairs to make the sunken room accessible for your Sims.

Tutorial: Sunken Room Place Stairs

Step 7 – Create a ceiling on top of the room. You can do this by placing a second floor, a flat square or a roof.

Tutorial: Sunken Room Ceiling

Step 8 – That’s it! Now you can decorate the living room, bedroom, dining room or any other room you build.

Turorial: Create Sunken Room in The Sims 4

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  1. It won’t let me add flooring to the ground floor of my spilt level. I did this step by step. Doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Hi..
    i did everything as you said but my sims cant go down to the livinroom, they just stand there and yelling, what should i do?

  3. Well, it certainly LOOKS good, but the question is: Will this work and can I use this build style in a City Living apartment?

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