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Recreating The Sims!

If you are anything like me you have been playing The Sims franchise for quite some time now. Usually that means you have built up a passion for certain parts of the game, like families or certain houses that you loved playing. Who else misses playing in the good old Neighborhood 1 in The Sims? I know I sure do from time to time! But what if I tell you, you can now relive those days in The Sims 4?

When The Sims originally came out it only had one neighborhood. This neighborhood was filled with six houses, ranging from the perfect little starter to the huge mansion that everyone dreamt of getting. I went ahead and build all six houses for you to enjoy!

2 Sim Lane

Starting off with the biggest and most expensive build of The Sims: 2 Sim Lane! This house was the dreamhouse for many simmers, including myself. The house is now perfect for a family of 5 Sims. It contains 3 bedrooms, including a toddler room and a kids room. And of course it still has the amazing pool in the back yard!

Download | Watch Speedbuild

3 Sim Lane

This amazing house is perfect for a retired couple, or the ones that never wanted children. With lots of privacy, a quite open floorplan and plenty of space for luxurious items, this build is made for those Sims who want the better things in life while living in peace!

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5 Sim Lane

Ah, the Goth family. Spooky as always, they have kept their relatives close to them since the beginning of times. Hence why you will find their very own family graveyard in the garden. I remember this house so much bigger though, but converting it to The Sims 4, it barely is just right.

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6 Sim Lane

Time for my personal favorite!! So many games I started out in this little house… Ah, so nostalgic! It still is the perfect size for a starter, though I have decorated it a bit too expensive. Oops. Nonetheless it will be a cute addition to the neighborhood and it fits perfectly in the 20×15 lots in Newcrest!

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7 Sim Lane

As  the tutorial house of the game, this lot was occupied by the Newbie family. Later on in The Sims 2 it became clear that Bob and Betty ended up having a daughter called Brandi. I recreated this lot in celebration of the 17th birthday of The Sims, so I remade it with a little toddler room for Brandi and a smaller bathroom.

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10 Sim Lane

This one was always the most luxurious one out of the starters. The fireplace in the living room and a pond in the backyard both give it a lot of character. It is the perfect size for two Sims who are looking for their first home, but have a little more money to spend.

Download | Watch Speedbuild

That were all the six houses of Neighborhood 1! Hopefully you enjoyed our little stroll down to memory lane. All the houses are up for download, just click the links under the specific builds and it will bring you to the gallery website. If you download them there, they will be in your gallery the next time you start up your game!

Which houses did you recreate from previous games? Let me know in the comments below or contact me on Social Media!

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