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Play Online with Simmers in The Sims 1

FreeSO is a project made by fans in 2002 and was online until it was shut down in 2008. Now it’s back with more features, terrains, larger lot sizes and more! You can read everything about it in SimsVIP’s interview with one of the creators. (The game will only be playable on Windows)

“You will be able to own a house in the city, run a store, skills lot, money lot, service lot, nightclub or whatever you want to create!”

I lived under a stone or something because I missed the whole existence in that time range. But I’m very excited about this project and can’t wait to try it out myself.

To learn more about this project you can visit their website and watch the trailer below. To download FreeSO click here.

Watch the fanmade trailer

Follow these steps to install Free Sims Online MMO

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Download FreeSO
  3. Extract files from the .zip file
  4. Double click on FreeSO Installer
  5. You can click on install everything in the next screen if you haven’t got the first edition of The Sims (this will take some time)
  6. After the installation is complete you can create a free account on the website

If you have any questions regarding FreeSO you can read the FAQ or visit the forums.


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  1. Hi there,

    I when I go on s.o I alwalys end up on create a sim and then I go to the city…….Is there anywhere that I can go and chat with out people? or any servers open?

  2. zip is not letting me download.
    i have NET framework 4.5
    updated installer
    chose directories
    following outdated notepad, clicked the SO option that is above & new
    hit install everything is where it constantly fails saying I don’t have NETframework4.5
    force update, doesn’t work. search and repair/ continue/ restart — they don’t work but crashes the installer instead

    1. Do you have windows 8? If you do then update your Computer/ and or Laptop just install any new updates 🙂 because I have to install updates too that’s all I had to do then you should be able to play SO

  3. I set up the installation and everything correctly and now I’m trying to sort out the account but it keeps saying that I have already created an account with the IP but I haven’t so what do I do?

  4. Hey its installed but i cant log because it says theres an update i need, so i installed the update and it restarts but then it keeps saying i need the update and still wont log in.

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