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How to Paint your Pet in Create A Pet

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The new Create a Pet tool has endless possibilities for you to create the pet of your choice. The Paint Tool makes this possible. Paint spots or stripes wherever you want on your pet. You can select a color from the color wheel or you can select the default swatches. Paint, erase or pick an existing color with the color picker on your pet and create any pet you like. With this tool you can definitely recreate your real life pets!

One of the great new features is that you can select a pose for your pet. This makes is easier to paint their belly, feet or tail and as a bonus: the poses look really cute.

How to get into Paint Mode

Paint Tool iconWhen you’re in the menu to adjust furs, ears eyes etc. You’ll see Paint mode (icon with the paint palette) as the last option of those icons. Click on it to activate the extended Paint Mode.

Tip: to enter Paint Mode on console press the Square button for PS4 and the X button for XBOX One!

Using the Brush Tool

With the brush you can add spots, stripes and drawings on your cat or dog. You’ll find the brush tool in the left tab while in the Paint Mode. Decide if you want to paint both sides similar or that you just want to paint one side with this brush. You can set that preference below the swatches on the right. Now select a brush, pick the size and the rotation and start drawing on your Pet. If you need it, you can set the brush’s transparency too in the upper right corner.

Brush Tool
With the brush tool I created different ear colors for this cat

Using the Stamp Tool

When you’re looking for the perfect shapes to paint on your pet you can choose stamps to do so. Stamps vary from hearts, spots, stripes but you can also choose freezer bunny, jellyfish or even a Jupiter stamp as well. When you hold the left mouse click and start dragging the brush across your pet it will scatter the brush equally on their fur. This tool provides a total of 53 brushes for you to use. You can create a plant pet, clown pet or even a galaxy pet. The possibilities are endless.

Stamp Tool
Use stamps to create the most amazing or weird pets

Add Layers with Patterns on your Pet

Many layers have been added to this tool. Natural layers with stripes for example, but also layers that involve unnatural patterns like patches, skeleton and a layer that will turn your pet into a robot. Hover over the layer to see how it will look like on your pet. When you select the layer, you can now paint over the layers so you can stay within the lines. When you’re finished you can click on your pet to set the layer.

Pattern Tool
You can select a layer and use the brush to fill in this layer

Watch the video on how to paint a pet

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