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How to Create a Pet in The Sims 4

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Create a Pet is the all-new tool coming with The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs. Use the powerful Create A Pet tool to express your creativity as you customize your Sims’ perfect cats and dogs & for the first time ever puppies and kittens as well! The controls are pretty much the same as Create a Sim, but there is one huge feature added to Create a Pet; Paint Mode with a color wheel.

How to create your purrfect pet

There are a few steps you can walk trough to create your pet.
Note: This is not the final software so things may change when the game is released.

Add a Pet

Step 1 – Add a Pet to your household

You can start creating a pet by clicking in the + Sim icon in the lower left corner of your screen. Pick the cat or dog option OR choose to mix DNA from your existing pets or breeds to create offspring pets. When you enter the Create a Pet mode you’ll see numerous options on your screen. Let’s start with the option to model your pet.

Pick a breed

Step 2 – Select a breed

First you can select a breed. Every breed has their own traits that will automatically be set as the traits or your pet. For example a Keeshond gets the trait Friendly and the Havanese gets the trait Playful. You can change this later if you want to.

Pick body shape and tail

Step 3 – Choose a body type & tail

If you click the next icon you can change the body of the pet. There are a few different basic shapes to choose from. You can also change the tail to a small stub like the Manx cat breed has for example.

With the slider next to your pet you can adjust their muscles and their weight.

Change coat color

Step 4 – Change coat & color

You can now change the coat color. There are many patterns to choose from: Stripes, spots, robot coat, skeleton, patched, naked, tuxedo and many more! Add furs or remove fur in the next option in the menu. Create a completely naked animal or a big fur ball with this tool.

Cat Accessories

Step 5 – Accessorize your pet

Give your pet accessories for the finishing touch. For cats you can choose between a top hat, shark head, wig with lion ears, bread, 3 different sweaters, taco, samurai outfit, hoodie, dragon costume and sushi. For dogs there are these accessories: Bow, grilled cheese, unicorn headband, hoodie and many more!

Step 6 – Adjust face details

When you go into detail edit mode you can adjust even more features of you pet. You can change their head shape, ears, nose, eyes and even whiskers.

Paint Mode Tool

Step 7 – Go into Paint Mode

If you want to add more details to the pets you can go into the Paint Mode tool. This gives you control to paint your pet the way you want! Add spots, heart icons or even layers of patterns.

Step 8 – Pick a personality for your pet

When you click on the plumbob in the upper right corner you’ll get new options to personalize your pet like give them a name. This part is different for cats and dogs so let’s start with the cat options.

Cats have 3 different life stages; kitten, adult and elder. You can choose all the life stages in the Create A Pet tool. You can pick one of the 3 voices for cats, those are: clear, scratchy and a raccoon voice. Pick the tone that fits your cat or raccoon.

Dogs also have 3 different life stages; puppy, adult and elder. Elder dogs have more grey hairs and don’t have a lot of energy. Dogs have 5 different voices you can select: clear, sweet, tough, deep and the fox voice.

Create a Pet Kitten
Change voice and life stage for your cat

Step 9 – Give your pet fitting traits

In the upper left corner of the screen you can see what breed your pet is and below you can select 3 different traits from the 17 traits that are in this expansion for you pet. You can make a pet independent if you don’t have too much time to spend with your pet (because of a full-time job for example) or you can make it really affectionate so your pet will stay by your side almost at all times. A pet can be really evil when you give them the traits Mischievous, Territorial and Spoiled. But if you give them the traits Clever, Friendly and Affectionate they are easy to be around.

Cat Traits

Watch the full video how to create a pet

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  1. This page was really helpful, especially since I’ve only been playing Sims 4 for about 3 weeks. Previous to it, I had only played the Sims freeplay & the new mobile sims. I have two puppies I forgot to put collars on, so they cant even walk down the street with owner. How do we add a collar? I’ve tried with no success. Thank you!

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