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How to Get & Treat Guinea Pig Disease

If you have The Sims 4 My First Pet Stuff there’s a new way your Sim can die. We’ll explain how to get this disease and how to cure it.

How to get Guinea Pig Disease

Your Sim needs to get bitten by their rodent pet while their cage is dirty. It not so easy to get this disease but you can higher your chances by taking these steps:

  1. Become enemies with your Rodent. This way it’s a lot easier to get bitten. Just make sure you do a lot of negative interactions with the rodent like yell at them.
  2. Don’t clean the habitat of your Rodent until green fumes are coming out of the case.
  3. You need to get bitten by a Hedgehog, Hamster, Rat or a Bubalus.

If you follow all these steps you will succeed giving your Sims Rabid Rodent Fever. After one Sim has this disease they have the ability to spread the disease onto other Sims.

Without treatment, after 72 hours of Rabid Rodent Fever, your Sim will die. Should they come back in the afterlife, you’ll find that they’ve transformed into an oversized ghostly hamster that’s foaming at the mouth.

Drinking the inoculation serum as this ghost will transform them back to a normal Sim
Drinking the inoculation serum as this ghost will transform them back to a normal Sim

Get Guinea Pig Disease from another Sim

If another Sim is already infected with this disease and gets to stage 3 when it’s contagious there’s a chance to spread it when other Sim are near them long enough. It’s a airborne illness so just hanging out with Sim can spread it so you don’t have to hug or touch to get it.

Prevent getting sick

If you want to make sure your Sims won’t get the disease you can always prevent it. Go onto the computer to research this disease (Web > Research > Research Rabid Rodent Fever). After you successfully research it you’ll be able to order preventive medicine from the computer (Order > Purchase Rodent Remedies > Rabies Inoculation Serum). This will protect your Sim when they’re getting bitten by their pet.

Cure Rabid Rodent Fever

If you want to cure your Sim you must first research Rabid Rodent Fever on your computer. After you’re done with the research you can order the medicine; Rabid Rodent Serum. This will cure your Sim instantly.

Facts from SimGuruGraham

SimGuruGraham posted a few facts about the disease on the official Sims forums.

  • Every Sim has the potential to catch Rabid Rodent Fever, be they a member of your household, a played family for rotational players, or a NPC Sim.
  • Only Sims in the active household that you’re currently playing will be able to die from Rabid Rodent Fever. Sims that you’ve played previously, or NPC Sims, will eventually cure themselves of the sickness.
  • Only Sims in your currently active household can spread the disease to other Sims.
  • While your Sims have 72 hours to live once they’ve caught Rabid Rodent Fever, this time will be paused when they’re not actively loaded. For example, if you’ve left your Sim’s mom sick at home with Rabid Rodent Fever while you’re off gallivanting in the jungles of Selvadorada, you won’t return to find that she’s passed away while you were gone.
  • Rabid Rodent Fever can only be caught by Sims who are teens and older.
  • Despite death resulting in a cursed ghost that returns to walk the earth as an over sized rabid hamster, there’s still hope for these lost souls. Drinking the inoculation serum as this ghost will transform them back to looking like their normal (yet still ghostly) Sim selves again.
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