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How to Become a Spellcaster in Realm of Magic

You’ll need to take a few steps before you can practise and level up your Sim’s magical abilities in The Sims 4 Realm of Magic. We’ll explain below how you can change your Sim into a witch or warlock. Only teens, young adults, adults and elders can become Spellcasters. Baby’s, toddlers and kids can get the bloodline trait from their parents.

Tip: If you learn the spell Rite of Ascension from Simeon Silversweater, you can turn other Sim into Spellcasters.

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Step 1 – Go through the Portal to the Realm of Magic

In the new town of Glimmerbrook there’s a portal on the edge of a waterfall at the end of the path from the empty lot. You don’t need any special requirements to enter the portal. Once your there you’ll need to find a Sage at the Magic HQ.

Step 2 – Find a Sage

After arriving in the Realm of Magic you’ll need to look around for a Sage in the Magic HQ. There are 3 different Sim Sages that can turn you into a Spellcaster. They’re marked with a magical sign floating above their head. Each Sage has a specialization but it doesn’t matter who turns you into a spellcaster. It doesn’t affect the specialization you want your Sim to master. The Sims you are looking for who can turn you into a Spellcaster are:

  • Simeon Silversweater – Sage of Practical Magic
  • L. Faba – Sage of Mischief Magic
  • Morgyn Ember – Sage of Untamed Magic

Introduce yourself so more options will come available. You can now use the interaction ‘Ask How to Use Magic’. If it doesn’t pop up immediately, you can find it when you click friendly interactions.

You’ll now get a menu asking if your Sim is ready to become a Spellcaster. When you choose ‘I was born ready’ the Sage casts a spell upon you: Temporary Mote Sight. This will give you 8 hours to collect Magical Motes around the venue. You’ll need to gather these orbs before they can turn you into a Spellcaster.

Step 3 – Collect Magical Motes in the Realm of Magic

Go and collect 7 Magical Motes. You’ve received a buff from the Sage to reveal the Magical Motes. You need to collect them before the effect wears off. They look like glowing orbs and can be found outside the Magical Headquarters. When you pick them up they will be placed in your inventory. Collect 7 motes and bring them to any Sage to become a Spellcaster.

Turn them in and your Sim is now a Spellcaster! You’ve received a Glimmerstone in your Sims’ personal inventory so you can easily travel to the Magic Realm when you click on it. You also obtained a spellbook to keep track of the spells your Sim has learned. Your needs menu also changed. You can now track your Spellcaster rank and collect Spellcaster perk points for example.

Now it’s time to learn everything about being a Spellcaster, learning spells, potions and collect Familiars to join you on your journey.

Create a Spellcaster in Create A Sim

If you want to create a new Sim you can make them a Spellcaster in Create A Sim. Just click the portrait and click on the Spellcaster icon.

Make your Sim a Spellcaster with Cheats

You can also enter this cheat to make your Sim a Spellcaster instantly.

traits.equip_trait trait_Occult_WitchOccult

Undo being a Spellcaster

Change your Sim back from Spellcaster to normal Sim by talking to a Sage and choose the option: Rite of Dissolution.

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  1. I followed the cheat input above but it did not work to turn my human into a spellcaster. Am I missing a step? I did the testingcheats true first followed by the cheat – is it all one long entry or two separate? I’ve tried both and it didn’t work

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