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Collecting Familiars in Realm of Magic

To collect familiars you’ll need The Sims 4 Realm of Magic and your Sim needs to be a Spellcaster. These magical Familiars must be the most adorable creates in The Sims 4! Take them with you on your journey as a Spellcaster to protect you and help you out gathering talent points. They will even cheer for you when you learned something new.

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Where can I find Familiars

There are numerous places where you can find familiars. You can collect 11 of them!

  • Click on Bookcases search for tomes. (This interaction has a cooldown)
  • Buy the Failiars from the shop on Casters Alley in The Realm of Magic.
  • Win them from dueling with other Sims for artifacts.
  • In the Magic HQ there are two familiars to find on the mantle of the fireplaces, a Leaf Bat and a Dragon

Once you opened the Orb, your familiar will be bound to your Sim. Click on your Sim to summon one of the bound familiars.

Summoning all Familairs

List with Familiars

Collect all 11 of them!


Bathed in pure energy it is nigh impossible to make out the true form of a fairy beyond its magical wings. One can feel what can only be described as a slight spark when near.

Rarity: Common

Sixam Owl

The preeminent symbol of magic and ancient knowledge. They have a strong connection to the moon and stoically follow their chosen Spellcaster.

Rarity: Common


The harbingers of prophecy and, some say, bad luck. Ravens are an ancient creature that remain steadfast alongside their favorite Spellcasters.

Rarity: Common


This interesting creature is an unexpected entity that defies normal boundaries and demands a closer inspection. Its true nature is unknown.

Rarity: Common


Regal and powerful, this dragon should never be discounted based on its size. It is a formidable foe as well as a cherished companion.

Rarity: Uncommon


Be warned to avoid the direct gaze of the glowfrog. They are usually quite mischievous characters although quite harmless when left to their own devices.

Rarity: Uncommon

Hex Doll

Despite this familiar being the mysterious and silent type you may still catch yourself whispering to them, “Do that voodoo that you do!”

Rarity: Uncommon

Snub-Nosed Leaf Bat

A classic Spellcaster companion, bats have commonly been closely associated to magic users since the times of ancients.

Rarity: Uncommon


The Phoenix is intimately familiar with the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. From the ashes they arise and into the ashes they fall. So has it always been.

Rarity: Rare


When you need a protector that truly frightens your opponent consider the skull. It is hard not to be intimidated by this floating, haunting familiar.

Rarity: Rare


The Veild is a Voidcritter deep with the knowledge of countless galaxies across space and time. No one really knows the true motivation of this critter, but that didn’t stop one well known kids TV show from almost featuring the Veild as a main character.

Rarity: Rare

What are the benefits from having a Familiars

You can summon any familiar that’s bound to you. Familiars will protect you from death and will gain you extra talent points if they’re summoned when you’re leveling up. When a Familiar is active your Sim will also get a confident moodlet.

Spellcaster kids can also obtain a familiar and summon them! The benefits your Sim’s kids get from having a familiar around them is that they will protect the child from dying.

Make your Cat or Dog a Familiar

If you have The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs you can make your own pet a familiar. You can only do this with pets in your own household. Click on your pet and choose ‘Bind Pet as Familiar’ in the Magic menu.
Binding a pet can give you the benefit to summon the cat or dog directly to you. Since you can’t control pets this can be very useful.

One of the perks of making your pet a Familiar is that you can also send them to forage. They will bring back a Magical Mystery Box. This can contain all sorts of items such as; brooms or wands. You can find the box in your household’s inventory.

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