The Sims 4

Build a Working Sandpit in Other Worlds with Island Living!

Did you know you can build your own sandpit in any other world when you’ve installed The Sims 4 Island Living? Now you do!

We’ll explain how you can easily build a working sandpit for your toddlers and kids (or even adults).

  1. First you need to place a border in any shape you’ll like so you can fill it with sand. Use the lowest fences in your game so your toddlers and children can walk over it or you can also use a higher fence but make sure you’ll add a gate or leave it open. Some of the fences you can use are: Smooth Keeper (base game), Illusion of Fence (StrangerVille), Fence for Window Shopping (Get to Work).
  2. Now fill the sandbox with the sand of your choosing by painting the terrain with sand within the borders. By placing the sand terrain you automatically enable the option to play with sand. The sand sculptures will get the texture of the sand color beneath it.

Now your toddlers and kids can play in the sand or build sand sculptures and increase their creativity skill!

Thank you MoonshineSim for this idea.

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