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Aliens in The Sims 4 Get to Work

Aliens in The Sims 4 Get to Work

Alien Abductions, Male pregnancy and special Alien interactions

The Aliens are added with the expansion pack The Sims 4 Get to Work. This will give you a lot of new options like Alien Abductions, visit the Alien World Sixam, or add Aliens to your household. There is even an option to get your male Sim pregnant if they have been abducted by Aliens. Read up about all the things there is to know about Aliens.

Alien Abductions

With the Sims 4 Get to Work there is a chance that your Sim will be abducted by Aliens!

How to increase your chances to get abducted

The Sims who can be abducted are young adults, adults and elderly. Only the male Sim gets pregnant. Aliens can also be abducted by Aliens in The Sims 4 Get to Work. You will have the most chances of being abducted by working as a Scientist or as a Doctor. Try to make contact with the Aliens by finding out that someone in the neighborhood is an Alien, try contacting them through the Satellite Dish from the Scientist career or use the portal to make contact or go to Sixam.

It doesn’t matter where you are when they try to abduct your Sim, they will walk outside to find out what the mysterious light comes from. With the Doctor career you will be able to recognize Aliens by using the X-Ray on patients. Got another tip for us? Please leave a reply.

How to prevent abductions and male pregnancy

There are also ways to prevent abductions if you don’t want any more male pregnancies. The first option is to get a Satellite Dish from the Scientist career and the second option is by using cheats.

Get the Satellite Dish with the Scientist career
By leveling up in the Scientist career you will get breakthrough to unlock new inventions. The 7th breakthrough will give you the option to create a Satellite Dish (you need 3 metals and 3 crystals) on the Invention Constructor found in the Science Lab. Place the Satellite Dish on your lot and choose the option ‘Prevent Abductions’. This will keep your Sims safe for 24 hours, after that you need to reset it.

Get the Satellite Dish with cheats
The second option is to get the Satellite Dish with cheats.

  1. Use CTRL+Shift+C and type: testingcheats true
  2. After that use the cheat code: bb.showhiddenobjects
  3. Go in Build Mode and search for Satellite Dish and place it in the world
  4. Click on the Satellite Dish and choose the option ‘Prevent Abductions’

This will keep your Sims safe for the next 24 hours. After that you need to put the Satellite dish on again.

Send back unwanted alien babies
If your male Sims do managed to get pregnant with an unwanted Alien baby by abduction you can send the the baby back to Sixam after your Sim had the child. Click on the baby and choose ‘Send to Homeworld’. This can still be done when the baby grows up. You will also lose the friendship with the Alien, it’s like you deleted them from you entire game.

Glowing Aliens
Aliens will glow when they are very confident, very energized or in this case very flirty.

Aliens overview

Learn more about the Aliens in The Sims 4 Get to Work.

How to detect Aliens in your Neighborhood

  • They have a glowing aura when they are very confident, very flirty or any other mood
  • Use the X-Ray machine on a Sim (Doctor career)
  • Woohoo with a Sim

Get an Alien Sim in your household

You can make Aliens directly in Create a Sim, you can build up a relationship with them and add them to your household later or your male Sim can be abducted and come back pregnant with an Alien baby.

Pregnant Aliens
The female Alien on the left and the normal Sim on the right knocked each other up. The male Alien in the middle was abducted and also got pregnant…

Get your Sim pregnant with an Alien baby

Only male Sim or male Aliens can get pregnant with an Alien baby by abduction. Also your male Sim can breastfeed the baby when it’s born. These are the combinations to get an Alien baby in your household.

Male Sim + Abduction = Male Sim is pregnant with Alien Baby
Female Sim + Abduction = No pregnancy
Male Alien + Abduction = Male Alien is pregnant with Alien Baby
Female Alien + Abduction = No pregnancy
Male Sim + Female Alien = Female Alien is pregnant with Alien Baby (hybrid)
Male Sim + Male Alien = No pregnancy
Male Alien + Female Sim = Female Sim is pregnant with Alien Baby (hybrid)
Male Alien + Female Alien = Female Alien is pregnant with Alien Baby
Male Alien + Male Alien = No pregnancy
Female Sim + Female Alien = No pregnancy
Female Alien + Female Alien = No pregnancy

Alien Genetics

Alien genetics is something interesting. If you get hybrid babies they mostly likely get an alien skin tone and have normal hair. When you get a baby that is 100% Alien they will still be bald when they grow up. The genetics from the Alien disguise will also be transfered to your Sims’ child.

Baby Aliens
This male Alien got pregnant by abduction so the baby will be 100% Alien. Isn’t she cute?

Alien Interactions

Doing an Alien interaction on a normal Sim will result that the Sim will discover that the Alien is in fact an Alien. This will give the Alien an Embarrassed moodlet. These are the special Alien interactions you can do with Aliens:

  • Analyze Personality
  • Empathize
  • Memory Erase
  • Scare With Probe
  • Secret Handshake (aliens)
  • Discuss Human Foods (aliens)
  • Discuss Brain Power
  • Discuss Weird Atmospheric Pressure (unlock if they found out you’re an Alien)

Change Alien Disguise

You can change the way your Alien looks in disguise by clicking the dresser or the Alien and choose ‘Alter Disguise’. Change every detail of your Alien Sim disguise like clothing, body shape and all other options available in Create a Sim. To use the disguise you can click on the Alien and choose ‘Disguise Self’.

Change the Alien clothes to normal Sim clothes

There’s an option to change the clothes from an Alien to more normal clothes Sims wear. Let an Alien go to the Retail Shop where they can buy clothes. If an Alien bought an outfit from a mannequin they will be able to wear them. You can also place Mannequins on your home lot and dress them. You are able to purchase it on your own lot but only adult can do that, children have to go to the retail lot.

Alien Fun Facts

There are some things you maybe didn’t know about the Aliens in The Sims 4.

  • Two Aliens in disguise have a “secret handshake” interaction.
  • Aliens can also be abducted by Aliens.
  • When you place a Satellite Dish you will be able to watch the Alien Channel on your Television.
  • When you try for a baby with a male and a female alien they both have the chance to end up pregnant at the same time.
  • When you find a Dead Alien from the Alien collection you can bring it back to life!
  • Change Aliens clothing by going to the retail shop and buy new clothes.
Breastfeed Alien Baby Male Sim
When a male Sim or male Alien has given birth to an Alien baby they also have the option to breastfeed the baby.
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  1. I’ve been trying to get the double life achievement, but I always get discovered! Do you know how to do it so that I can do it? Thanks

  2. There is one way that I can think of and not even 100% sure it will work.
    1. get relationship up high enough to propose. If you get to proposal without being noticed, however you wont get any higher then that, because you will get discovered at proposal.
    2. Erase memory with your alien skills. This will reset your feelings for the other sim, but it will also reset them knowing about being an alien as well.
    What it wont reset on the other hand, is your relation to each other. aka you are still engaged.
    3. Elope!

    1. Thanks for sharing this, I just tried it about 15mins ago 🙂 I got them engaged and then erased the memory n got the achievement without needing to elope!

  3. whats the difference of hybrid and pure alien baby? what I experience is male sims+ abduction= alien baby is just the same with male alien+ abduction=alien baby with disguise & powers of, so I suppose that’s classified as pure alien too. But if it happens one party is normal sims the baby is hybrid, their skin tone is blue or green but they don’t have the disguise nor powers

    1. You are right. Changing this right away 🙂 A hybrid is a mix between the alien and the normal Sim. They will sometimes have hair or Alien skin tone.

  4. I got a hybrid which is an alien with human skin, it’s not of my active sims and I’m not sure if its because of my mods that caused that to happen…

  5. Is there a way to disable the aliens in Sims 4. I understand that there are people out there that like the verity in the content of the game. Is there a way to put an option in the game to disable this type of content in the future for those of us who do not want to deal with this type of content in the future. The satellite dish is a fine temporary option, but you have to reset it every 24 hours and I’m guessing that it does not stop them from being introduced elsewhere in the city. I stay busy just trying to manage the other aspects of the game…

    The male adult sim in my game is spending all his time being abducted, pregnant, or recovering from the baby…and by the time I get all his moodlets fixed from the abduction, because he has the baby at 1am, they come and take him again. He is an Astronaut, he can not explore space in his spaceship while he is pregnant, so it makes it difficult to manage the job. This is becoming frustrating to try to work around in the game. In Sims 3, when the vampires were introduced, it became such a problem in my city I was very selective on what expansions to buy and eventually stopped play the game.

    1. ikr. I just bought the sims 4, bought all ‘stuff pack’ and ‘game pack’ but not ‘get to work’.
      Because I don’t like aliens walk around my town let alone the stupid abduction (no offence to whoever like it)
      At least play should be able to choose disable or close this function.

    2. In Sims 3 they did have a way to control supernatural population. It was in one of the options menus, but maybe that was added with the supernatural expansion and not the late night. But you could control the population and even make it so none would show up, by the way this would be the townie population (randomly spawned sims that don’t have a home), so if you had any supernaturals living in houses, you would just have to evict them to get them out of the town. I never had any problems with too many vampires in mine, in fact I had the opposite problem, where no matter how much time at all hours trying to find a vampire, I could never find any at all. It was so hard just to try to get my sims turned. Even when I would find one, staying in contact long enough to get turned was so hard, because they would still follow the “It’s too late to contact me” thing where if you try to call a sim past a certain time it would tell me to contact them during the day, even though during the day I would get the “I’m busy” message, either with work or, you guessed it, sleeping. Basically had to cheat to get their relationship up all the way on the first meeting. Well this was before supernatural, where you could just make one in create a sim. Sorry for the rant.

  6. Another way you could get abducted is if you have the ‘Out Of This World’ computer you have the option to contact aliens, this will bring a chance of abduction.
    Note that the ‘out of this world’ computer requires you to reach a certain point in the scientist career, unless you use the ‘unlocks entitlement ‘. Find the cheat and the cheats page 😉

  7. Every time my male sims get abducted I get hybrid babies 🙁 I’ve only ever had hybrids. Not sure what to do about this. Any advice… or cheat would be neat. There’s no surprise in always getting a hybrid, and it always seem to be the same green alien mom!

    1. You could try using the cas.fulleditmode cheat you’d have to add an alien and delete the hybrid to recreate you hybrid babies just as aliens. ?. Now that you can dress aliens in sim clothes and they have acess to hair

  8. I’m having the issue that if my alien is no disguised, a single interaction with a sim exposes him as an Alien. Which I get, but why is he always embarrassed by it? It’d be great if the Alien could just say “yeah, I’m an Alien, deal with it cuz I like who I am”. My poor Alien kid is embarrassed/very embarrassed nearly 24/7 because of it, and I just want to increase his self-confidence. I don’t want him to look human, because I love the way his teal skin looks!

    1. Mine is like that. I got 2 Aliens. Both are in the same household (just them two). And they’re always “embarrassed” without their disguises. And all they’re doing is eating dinner together chatting away. What’s the purpose of having an alien if they can’t be in their true form together?

      Like you, I got a teal alien that I love (via CAS) and a purple one (also via CAS). I figured they could get a little reprieve and more “comfortable” if they were in their true form inside their home (much like Roger in American Dad) after spending all day in disguise. Even best friends trigger the embarrassment. =/

  9. My male sim doesn’t get pregnant when he tries for baby with his alien wife. Why is this, is it a chance that it will happen or does the alien need to not be wearing her human disguise? Please help!!!

    1. They fixed this in a patch so trying for baby/WooHoo with Alien Sim and Normal Sim will not result in an alien baby. You have to have a male sim abducted to get an alien baby. I found out the hard way and I just ended up aging up the hybrid baby to a child and did the cas.fulleditmode cheat (requires testing cheats on) and added an alien child with the same traits, name, and relationships with the household and deleted the hybrid. Hope this helps. 😉

  10. That strange I have had the exact opposite problem I’ve made 4 alien sims, 3 of which have lost the alien abilities to change form they are stuck as normal sims , and have no extra options when clicked on the last one seems to be keeping its abilities. but still no fix for the male being the only one to get pregnant ?

  11. I have a male sim who’s an Extraterrestrial Explorer. He has a backyard observatory, satellite dish, rocket with wormhole upgrade, and portal to Sixam. Every (sims) night I have him stargaze between 9pm-4am but he isn’t getting abducted! I really really want him to be pregnant for a video I’m going to be making. Please help!!!

    1. Try to find/discover Aliens in your neighborhood. This works well if you are a Doctor. The X-Ray scan can reveal them. Or you can try to find one by woohooing :p

      1. So, if I keep interacting with aliens until my sim finds out they’re aliens, I have better chances of being abducted?

        1. Yes, I got 2 Sim abducted this way 🙂 they didn’t even have jobs or satellites, just found out about an Alien in town.

  12. I have a female sim and a male sim and they bothe got pregnant I don’t have a mod and after the male had his baby it gave me award and said my baby was an alien but it was human. What’s wrong?

    1. I think it was a Hybrid, was one of the Sim secretly an Alien maybe? Or your male Sim got abducted while you weren’t looking?

  13. Hi
    I started off with two sims a male young adult and a female young adult and the female was in the scientist career and the male in the doctor. As time got on I got sick of waiting so my male and female had twins! I’m pretty sure my male got abducted once but never got pregnant.i made a alien and place her in a different house hold. You said that woohooing had a chance for the male to have a baby but nothing happened,so I tried try for baby but only the female alien had twins. I have all the things you have said to get and both my sims are at the highest career in scientist and doctor. Does it have anything for me playing on a MacBook rather than a PC?
    Thanks a lot
    Sarah 🙂

  14. I’ve had 8 aliens come over from contacting them and had my male sim go round and discover there are 4 aliens where he lives!
    He is still not getting abducted! And now I’m getting frustrated I’ve visited Sixam 4 times with him as well and I have the satellite dish, always contacting aliens.
    Why won’t it work?
    Does anyone else have some tips? ?

  15. I have a question my male sim got pregnant and I looked at the genology and it shows the baby aliens mother how do I bring the male sims mother to the sim world please help!!!

  16. My male character ate spoiled food, then he feel uncomfortable, he get an abnormally large stomach. I thought he got sick at first but No. He’s PREGNANT. Few days after, he has born a female Alien.
    Beside that, he worked as Astronaut, do you think he was be abducted when he was working?

  17. I have been doing some testing, I made a green pure alien sim and a human black woman. They had five children together. They were all green and hybrid. Three had red hair like the mother and the other two had blonde hair. The father’s disguise has black hair so I don’t know where they got blonde hair. Must’ve been a genetic mutation. Then I let my two oldest daughters grow up and mated them with the same man. He had black hair and light brown skin. All three of the children came out blue alien hybrids. One has black hair, one has red hair, and one is still a baby. I’m continuing the generation to see how long before the alien trait will leave your family and also testing out the genetics. I will post more info soon.

  18. Update: The baby had red hair. I have had two more children this generation and one was blue alien hybrid and the other one is a black human. He is actually the grandmother skin tone who was human and not the father who is also human. I am having one more baby this generation and then I will choose a human and alien to continue on.

  19. I’m not sure but having the alien tv channel on seems to help the likely-hood of abduction, or it could be just having a scientist but any one else think so, or think not?

  20. Does your male sim always get pregnant when there abducted? My male sim was abducted and he hasn’t shown any signs of being pregnant :/

  21. I CHOOSE NOT TO PLAY WITH ALIENS IN MY GAME, how can I remove th get to work expansion that brings them on my game?????

    1. i’m not sure but i like playing with aliens! but there should at least be an option to shut off/toggle the gamepacks you have

    1. do you mean planet? or are you refering to the abnormal town in sims three or two i can’t remember which one it was

  22. Omg I’ve done EVERYTHING to get my male SCIENTIST SIXAM explorer sim to be abducted because it’s like the last thing to do in my game but he just isn’t being abducted. IS THERE A CHEAT?!?!?!? Please help me 🙁

  23. My Female Alien was just abducted, After she was returned she walked back into the house; but these weird green sparkly lights are still there on the ground.. (They look like green sparkles that just keep floating upward and when one disappears it is replaced by another)

    What are they?
    What do they do?

    Can you help me!?

    1. sorry i’d help if i could but i don’t know what is going on with your game either it may be a glitch/bug

  24. I have a male human sim. He’s a young adult. He worked as a scientist but quit, has a complete collection of space rocks in his inventory and has befriended one alien. I have been trying for 9 sim days and am getting so frustrated! I have never had a sim abducted! I’ve had Get to Work since Christmas! Argh! Help!

  25. My sims girlfriend is an alien, she’s not disguised and I want to be able to disguise her and edit her disguise but she’s not a part of my household. Is there a way/cheat/mod I can use to give her a disguise without controlling her or adding her to my household (it’s already a full house)? Plsss help

    1. As of now,there aren’t any cheats that can realize what you want to do, but you can try this: move out one of your Sims in your household temporarily, then move in your Alien Sims,edit her and move her back out. It’s kind of a long way to do it,but it should work 🙂

  26. what if i already made a family and i want to add a alien like the family is done all the outfits and stuff how do i add the alien

  27. My sim has reached 10 in the rocket science skill and has completed the Scientist and Astronaut career. He has all three space rocks and communicates with the aliens all the time through the portal. He even has five alien friends but yet has not been abducted. Please help

  28. two things: one: can a female sim get pregnant with an alien by abduction? and two: why can’t i create a alien in cas?

    1. actually i think i figured my second question out but pls give me a response to my first question

  29. One of the non active households in my game has a female sim that has the little alien picture above her traits in cas, but she looks completely human and it is not a disguise. What does this mean?

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