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Add more Toddlers in the Neighborhood

It’s hard to make friend and arrange play dates with other toddlers when there aren’t enough toddlers in the neighborhood.

Why aren’t there enough toddlers in the neighborhood

Toddlers where first introduced in The Sims 4 a few years after the official release of the game. So all the neighborhoods that came before the release of toddlers won’t have any toddlers in them. They choose not to update exciting families with toddlers so they won’t mess up your played games.

How do I add more toddlers?

There are more ways to add more toddlers into your neighborhood. The first one is managing households and the second one is downloading toddlers from the gallery.

Add toddlers by managing households

  1. A really fast way to do this is to select a home with an unplayed family.
  2. Click on the button with the 3 dots in the lower right corner of your screen. And select Manage Household.
  3. Push the Edit button to change the household.
  4. In the lower left corner of your screen you can click the icon Add a Sim. Choose an option what kind of Sim you want to add. You can select a random Sim, play with Genetics or add a Sim from The Sims 4 Gallery.
  5. When you are done adding 1 or more toddlers you can select Play in the lower right corner. This will send you to the Manage Household screen and you will see the family you chose got an extra family member!

Download toddlers from the gallery

Open up the Gallery and search for toddlers. When you’ve found your perfect toddler click on Place Household. You need to select an exciting household because toddlers can’t live alone on a lot. Now click on Confirm.

Adding a Toddler from the Gallery
Download a toddler from the sims 4 gallery and add them to an existing household.
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