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The Sims 4 Get Together: Windenburg Trailer Now Live!


Windenburg…What a lovely place! With its breathtaking sightings, its friendly citizens, the vibrant nightlife and the high number of places to hangout and have fun, it’s a true gem!

Let’ s have a tour around the town with this brand new trailer:

Windenburg is the European inspired world that comes with Get Together. It has everything your Sims can dream about:  a brand new cafè, where your foodie sims can enjoy some delicious freshly brewed espresso,thanks to the baristas,who are always ready to take orders and satisfy your Sims food whims!

But if your Sims are more of the outdoor loving type, take them to the Windenburg public pool! There, your Sims can enjoy a lovely day out swimming and having fun with the all new diving platform! There’s no better place to show off your Sims athletical skills! :)

And since we’re talking about pools, be sure to don’t miss a visit to the awesome Windenburg Natural Pool, an idilliac place where your Sims can have a swim surrounded by lushious vegetation.

When the night comes and your Sims are up to some fun, you can take them to the pub and let them have a good beer, or let them go wild on the dancefloor…In a nutshell, no matter what your Sims are up to, there’s always something that will make them happy!

This is so exciting, isn’it? So get your Sims ready for an unforgettable trip to Windenburg!

Source: Sims 4 Official YT Channel

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