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Windows 10 + The Sims 4

Windows 10 + The Sims 4

How well does The Sims 4 run on Windows 10?

Windows is constantly updating its system, big version came like Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, and today is the launch of their new and free update, Windows 10. And since it’s free, you just want to update, but then you ask yourself… is it compatible with my favorite game?

The answer is Yes, and a big YES.

Windows 10 + The Sims 4

I’ve been using Windows 10 for about a month now, the Technical Preview helped me to evaluate how well does the game play. It just works, I don’t think anyone would see any difference, my game didn’t crash more than it used to, (it happened once, and I was using an older mod not updated for a Sims 4 game update) and I was happy with the new feature Windows 10 brings to games, (you can now record and take screenshots of your gameplay by pressing Windows key + G ). After the update, the only thing you should do is: Go into your game settings and set everything back to your usual graphics, mouse mode etc. because the update resets your game settings to default. I also (and I’m not the only one as I read) noticed that the game launches faster and is faster in loading screens. That is a real game changer for me and I think it is for you too.

Windows 10 + Games

Like I said, Windows 10 is also directly for gamers. You’ve got an Xbox One ? You’ll love Windows 10. You play with advanced graphic games using DirectX ? You’ll Love Windows 10 and DirectX12. You can even record and take screenshots of your gameplay by pressing [ Windows Key + G ]. Also,┬áThe Sims 3, The Sims 2 an The Sims Medieval run just like before on Windows 10.

Finally, should you update? I think you can answer that by yourself. You’ll get the same performance and maybe even better. Ans since it’s free, why not ? The Start menu is back. There’s Cortana and a new Task View mode and on and on… Go check out Windows’ website to see how to install Windows 10 and what it brings to your computer when you upgrade.

If you’ve been having trouble installing Windows 10 and it keeps failing! Try this:

1. Press the start button
2. In the search bar… type in run.
3. Press run
4. Type in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download
5. Press enter!
6. Make sure you have your windows update up.
7. Delete everything in the folder of step number 4.
8. Delete it from the recycle bin
9. Press start
10. Type in run in the search bar
11. Press run
12. Type in wuauclt.exe /updatenow
13. Then it will be installing Windows 10

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  1. The Sims Medieval works with Windows 10 only in version 1.0.0. Update doesn’t work like with Windows 8.

    1. So how do you get Sims Medieval to work on Windows 10 then? I just purchased it at a thrift store and cannot find a way to start the game.

  2. im sooo aggravated I didn’t back up the sims4 game I do have the disks,but I purchased the expansion pak for the camping n the Kool kitchen pak online now origin doesn’t even have history on any of these that I’ve had the past few wks what can I do or did I just loose all my money?

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