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Download: Victorian Starter

Sims 4 Download: Victorian Starter

The Sims 4 House Download: Victorian Starter

House value: 19.987 Simoleons

This Victorian Starter in The Sims 4 is my favorite starter so far. I went all out with decorating the outside and the inside of the house. This lot has style, cuteness and a piano! I think this starter fits perfectly if your Sims is going to be a Musician and it also has room for 2 Sims to live in. The lot contains some more expensive luxury items like the counters in the kitchen, the bookcase in the living room, a dresser in the bedroom and of course the piano. Also the lighting is somewhat changed to match the styles in the different rooms.

This lot was placed on the 20×15 ‘Crick Cabana’ near the Tree that leads to the secret area Sylvan Glades. It’s a beautiful spot!

Download in ‘The Sims 4 Gallery’

This lot contains:

  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 bathroom
  • kitchen with dining table
  • a large living room
  • a hallway



The Sims 4 Victorian Starter Floorplan

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