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Toddlers, Cars and Seasons in the latest EA Survey

SimsVIP posted an article about the latest EA/Maxis survey. They are talking about, toddlers, cars, seasons and even superheroes to put in an expansion or game pack for The Sims 4. If they are sending out this survey we can’t expect toddlers any time soon I think but maybe in the near future. Read the complete survey below!

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Official survey from EA/Maxis (August 2015)

You are now going to see some potential themes for future The Sims 4 expansion packs.

On the Road – Get behind the wheel of different vehicles including cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Fix up old cars, build a hotrod, or jump on your ride and explore a number of unique tourist destinations.

University – Send your Sims off to University! Explore the University campus and decide whether your Sims are going to study to ace their exams or spend their days partying it up. Sims can also pledge fraternities and sororities and try to become members of these prestigious organizations.

Generations – It’s time to raise a family! Raise your children from babies into toddlers. Watch as your children grow into moody pre-teens and help them overcome the tribulations of youth. Create a Sims family dynasty that will last forever.

Get Real – Its time to become a reality star! Join the cast of Sliced n’ Diced to compete against other chefs, Finding 7 Love to become the most desired bachelor/bachelorette, or Runway Takeoff to become a fashion design star.

Find Love – Find true love in the Sims 4! Meet your date on SimMatch, take your date to romantic getaway spots, build up your romantic reputation, and have the wedding of your dreams!

Metropolis – Move into a bustling, modern city! Live in new apartments and penthouses, eat at food carts and shop at street markets, and immerse your Sims in the different cultures of the city by exploring the many diverse neighborhoods.

Power Up – Turn your Sims into superheroes! Use powers like mind reading, telekinesis, and teleportation. I I Learn new powers at the Super Hero Academy and use them to make the world a better place or terrorize the population.

Rebuild – The apocalypse has struck The Sims 4! Explore abandoned neighborhoods and rescue survivors, rebuild your town into a thriving community, and fight off zombies to protect your new town.

Back to School – Take your Sims to school! Have your child and teen Sims participate in school activities including classes, dances, and student government elections or become a teacher with the new Teacher active career!

Get Famous – It’s time to get internet famous! Start a band, play pranks on your friends, give Sims stylish makeovers and broadcast it all on SimTube to gain fans and get famous.

Vacation – Take your Sims on vacation! Head to Mt. Wright for fun winter getaway with ice skating, sledding, and snowboarding, and mysterious ice caves. Or head to Isla Cordinda to soak up the sun and build sand castles, surf the waves, and uncover ancient tombs.

The Sims 4 Find Love

Love is in the air in The Sims 4! Find your Sim’s soulmate with the new dating app SimMatch, then head to one of the new romantic getaway spots for the perfect date. Build your romantic reputation as a loyal companion or the town heartbreaker, and enjoy the ultimate wedding celebration, complete with bachelor & bachelorette parties and exclusive food and decor.

  • SimMatch Dating App: Help your Sims find their soulmate or a fun fling for the night with the new SimMatch app. Pick out the perfect selfie, fill out their profile, and decide how honest your Sims want to be.
  • Romantic Getaway Locations: Take your Sims out for the perfect date at one of the new romantic getaway locations including a cozy bed and breakfast or the swanky eco-lounge.
  • Romantic Reputation: Build up your romantic reputation as you go out on dates with different Sims. Will you be known as a loyal companion or the town heartbreaker? Your reputation will determine how Sims in the world react to you and earn you unique romance rewards.
  • Ultimate Wedding: Live out your Sims’ wedding fantasies and have the ultimate bachelor or bachelorette party, select and customize the perfect wedding party, and spruce things up with exclusive wedding food and decor.

The Sims 4 Vacation

It’s time to take your Sims on vacation! Head to one of two new exciting locations with unique activities and weather. Travel to the peaks of Mt. Wright for some winter fun where you can go ice skating, sledding, snowboarding, and explore the mysterious ice caves. Or head to Isla Cordinda to soak up the sun, build sand castles, surf the waves, and uncover through the ancient tombs.

  • Summer Vacation: Experience the best of summer at an island getaway, with sand castles, surfing, and delicious island food and drinks.
  • Winter Getaway: Enjoy a winter wonderland with a snowy mountain vacation. Go snowboarding, sledding, make snowmen, or hit the lake for some ice skating!
  • Explore Ancient Locations: Explore ancient tombs in the jungle, or avoiding deadly traps and yetis.
  • Winter & Summer Seasons: Bring the weather home with you. Experience the warm days of summer or magical snowfall in your home town!

The Sims 4 On the Road

Jump behind the wheel and travel the country with your Sims! Choose from a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and even motorcycles. Make a living fixing up old cars, or building the perfect hot rod. Jump on your ride and explore the world by visiting a number of unique tourist destinations.

  • New Vehicles: Your Sims can now choose from a variety of vehicles to own and drive including cars, trucks, and even motorcycles.
  • Build A Garage: Build a brand new garage where you can work on your vehicles and display them for all to see.
  • Become A Mechanic: Fix up, customize, and build new cars with the new Mechanic active career.
  • Visit Tourist Destinations: Take your ride on the road to visit tourist destinations like the Grand Sims Canyon, the World’s Largest Ball of Twine, or the Secret Mystery Spot.

The survey was send out to a random small group of newsletter subscribers. Gurlgamer was able to take screenshots from it.

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  1. All this sounds great, but i haven’t one thing about supernaturals though. The powers for the witches should be like Once Upon A Time the show. And with the one “Find Love” they should have it that you can fall in love with a person from a royal family in a different world so that means they’ll have to bring back World Adventures from the Sims 3 then. But everything else is cool.

  2. All of these sound amazing… I could only hope for a new expansion pack soon!! The sims 4 get together really does not interest me. But all of these ideas sound great, I would buy.

    1. I guess that’s how maxis makes money off Sims, they create Sims expansions that were on previous Sims games adding and improving some of the features. Though I don’t really mind having to download a single game with all the features of the previous game would be annoying.

  3. The rebuild would be awesome!! Would be amazing to see toddlers again too, but are they going to do anything to add story progression to this game? Will the cars one remove the stupid loading screen? Will we still have a loading screen when just visiting a neighbor across the street. Can’t stand that. I think story progression is what is killing me most, but you have to cheat to have the same name as your spouse and parties are ruined if you leave one to check on another sim. Do you know if any expansion packs will fix any of this, as these things are really preventing me from playing this game. :/

    1. It’s impossible to make Sims 4 open world now, it would mean re designing all the world’s, and maxis is way to lazy to do that, remember in previous Sims games they have gone mostly for quantity over quality

  4. All sounds good except zombies, I am so done with zombies, they are like an overplayed song, definately won’t install that one but I have a feeling it will be popular. Love the SimTube concept, I’ve been hoping they would add more media into the gameplay like “blogging” in Sims 3, SimTube sounds perfect!
    PETS THOUGH, I can’t continue playing if they never introduce a Pets expansion back into the game. Make pets and soon <3

  5. Thank you EA for a nice sims 4 game, i really do like it. I’m a huge fan of Sims since The Sims 1. That gave me so much fun during my childhood. And now with Sims 4 there is so much nice graphics and content. I really like it. But I do miss toddlers badly, game is just not the same anymore, so I would very much like to have generations very soon and I would love also to have pets. I always had pets since The Sims 1, I just love them so much. About rest of it, I would like to play also with University, On the Road, Vacation, Metropolis, Get Famous, Back to School, Find Love and Get Real. I would be happy to play with them too, but Generations, Pets (dogs, cats and horses too) and Seasons (with all of the seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) are number one for me. About Power Up and Rebuilt I don’t like this ideas, It’s not The Sims for me anymore, there is so many other games like that, so why add it to The Sims games? But that’s just my opinion. If those expansions would come, I just simply don’t buy it. I didn’t like supernatural in Sims 3 either. But the rest of it + Pets I’d like to have!

  6. I’m shocked that you’re making us pay for an expansion pack to include toddlers, and a separate one for cars! That’s absolutely ridiculous!! I’m not paying for something that should’ve been INCLUDED with the “new” Sims 4. It feels like a downgrade. Screw Sims 4, I’d just go back to Sims 3. I’m greatly disappointed in you EA.. All about the money.

  7. Please for the love of all that is holy DO ALL OF THESE ALL OF THEM. I’m a die hard sims fan and I would TOTALLY PAY FOR ALL OF THESE just so you can have the money to fund these and more! I would even like advertise you guys if you did all of these. I’d infect everyone with love for the sims.

  8. I would love to have toddlers back!!! and all of these expansions are GREAT!… it would be the best if they would allow us to actually DRIVE the car. COMBINE GRAND THEFT AUTO WITH THE SIMS 4 ! 🙂

  9. I seriously can’t be bothered to wait anymore, I was so looking forward to the sims 4 and what a let down, and the hole are they aren’t they bringing back toddlers they should have never taken them out in the first place it’s such a basic part of the game and not to mention other “basic” stuff that’s not in there to be honest I feel ripped off and let down! So they can poke sims 4 I’m going back to sims 3 and I can’t wait

  10. do all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE SIMS PLEASE ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    also you should add an update where tenns can get preganate by accidnet

  11. I think there should be a say yes to the dress experience simming….bridesmaids and brides. There should also be selectable best men, matron of honor, brides maids, groomsmen, flower girls and ring bearers…to add to the simming experience.

    Also a wide selection of dresses and tuxes. Plus hidden venues to propose

  12. Generations!!!!! PLEASE!! And Power Up??!?!?! Super heroes???!!!!?!?!?!?!?! *jaw drops* <3 if I had just those two even I would be happy!

  13. I have played all the Sims games and University was one of my favorite expansions. I love the newest game but it is missing some spontaneity. I did love the toddlers in game as well.

  14. All of them sound so great! I would buy most of them. But what about people who dont have get to work? Will they have to buy it just to get all of these new active careers? Will it just be a regular career if you dont have get to work or will we not have the career at all?

    1. Hi!
      I don’t know, I can only assume that they will work just as a regular career if you don’t have Get to work installed, but again, it’s just my supposition 🙂

  15. I personally don’t like the fact that with most of these things you have to pay to get them. Previous sim games had most of this in base game however the base game for sims 4 is lacking in comparison. Generations seems like something that shouldve bee there from the start in your base game content. I dont have the money to just throw at a game, and there are a lot of things I was disappointed to not find in the game. I do quite enjoy it however my friends were quite shocked when they asked for things but they were in expansion packs only. Please keep in mind not everyone has $200-$300 to spend on stuff and expansion packs. I know you wanna make money but really its much more enjoyable and I’d be more likely to buy more if I already had some cool stuff without paying.

  16. WHEN WILL THESE BE AVAILABLE? I keep seeing all these amazing updates about generations, cars, even collage, however I haven’t seen any proof of these being set up in 2016.

    1. Hi,we don’t have any official news yet,all you have seen around the web are just rumors. We only have to wait and hope for these items to be announced and released anytime soon!

  17. Vacation and generations needs to come back for sure. There was so much to do in TS3. And if toddlers don’t come back, I’ll be asking for a full refund.

  18. Sims should be born, explore the world as toddlers, become a kid and maybe meet their favorite celebrity or superhero, go to school and attend dances and other normal teenage parties, get their driver’s license and a fancy sports car, go to college/University, get a job and become famous in something, explore the whole world, go on vacation some and have THE EPIC life!!! Maybe even encounter a werewolf or vampire on the road and become friends with a robot, I don’t know… Oh, and they should have pets…a pet wolf should be an option too 🙂

  19. I honestly like all the ideas they have especially the one about cars I’ve wanted cars in the sims 4 since I first got it. Also I do agree that the rebuild one was a bit much when I was reading that one my eyes got wide it sounded more like sims build it.

  20. i want toddlers but i dont want them as an expansion pack because i cant buy expansion packs and its really upsetting because i really want toddlers so EA if your reading this plz dont make it an expansion pack but just put toddlers into the regular game pleeeeease

  21. Sory but i don’t think that we need a cars, toodlers can make this game a little of but i reely think that we need them, but zoombies? really?! wtf with this ideas? all we know that when they are ending the game and add the last expansion pack and add the last upload then we can’t even play a game anymore becouse they screwed up so much. Why do we buy a game when we know that they don’t care later? I am sorry but it is my secont time the sims 2 and 3 that i byed sims when it was the last expansion i can’t playt it with this…. wtf are they doing do they tink that if they relased new game then it is ok if they fuck it of with the previous?!! if it will be like this with th4 then i will not buy anymore ‘couse i feel cheated..

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