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This Lighting Map Guide For The Sims 4 Will Help You Showcase Your Gallery Creations Better

Are you a builder that struggles with and hates uploading your brand new builds and having an object blocking the view? You don’t have to worry anymore because an amazingly Simmer who goes by the name MrsTomato1018 has decided to share her amazig creation she calls ” The Sims 4 Lighting Map Guide”!

In the pictures down below you will be able to see all the worlds lots that have been released so far apart from StrangerVille and their lot sizes and and lighting / view information to make sure you know if a item or object is blocking your view before putting the lot on the Gallery.

For more information about the Lighting Map Guide, watch this amazing video that MrsTomato1018 created down below:


You can look at the maps down below and download them for yourself to make sure you know which lot spaces will be good to upload on your Gallery. And make sure to follow the amazing MrsTomato1018 on the Gallery to stay up to date on all her awesome creations.




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