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The Sims Mobile’s Developers Are Moving To The Sims 4’s Team

(SimGuruDuke has been transferred to The Sims 4 team from The Sims Mobile team)

If you haven’t checked out our latest post, we announced that The Sims Mobile’s developed will be moving to Firemonkeys which is an Australian Mobile Gaming company known for making The Sims Freeplay.

But many of us Simmers are wondering what will happen to the developers that worked on The Sims Mobile? But we have some news for you, many of The Sims Mobile’s developers will be moving to The Sims 4.

As you all know a few days ago SimGuruFrost took to his Twitter page and announced that they will be moving from The Sims Mobile team to become The Sims 4’s Community Manager.

He is not the only SimGuru over at The Sims Mobile team to come out and say they have moved to The Sims 4 team. Here are a few more SimGuru’s telling Simmers that they have moved to The Sims 4 team.

Many SimGuru’s like Azure and Brandon have changed their Twitter bio’s explaining that they are now either Producer at Maxis or Gameplay Engineer for The Sims 4.

As more SimGuru’s announce that they are moving to The Sims 4 team we will keep you posted over at our website.


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