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The Sims Mobile: New Update For March 13th 2018!


The Sims Mobile team has released a brand new update to The Sims Mobile that has a few bug fixes and is also adding a brand new event which is starting this Thursday!


Beginning March 15, play the Hot Tub Dreams Event! Complete quests and participate in events to get Hot Tub Goody Bags filled with exclusive hot tub items and swimwear. Stand out at your next party or even when friends drop by your house. Plus, we’ve made some behind-the-Sims updates to keep the party going. Thanks for playing!


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  1. My sims mobile says i need to updat and then i go to the app store and it just says open sims and when i open it again it says update Its a cirkle i cant get out please help me

  2. Updated last night when the game notified me to. Still no event today even though the game just sent a notification again to update for the event. I already did and made sure to check for an additional update! EA, stop leaving us hanging.

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