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The Sims Mobile – Game Play Tutorial

Sul Sul Simmers, Last Friday we looked at the Create A Sim for The Sims Mobile. Today we will be reviewing the gameplay of The Sims Mobile.

First enter the Tutorial

The Tutorial will be the first thing you will see when you start your game. Its very quick and fun to play.

Capture 17

During the tutorial you can pick which room you want to rebuild first.

Capture 21

Don’t worry you can later build the other room but its extremely fun to get building in your game right away. As you can see I picked the bathroom.

Capture 21

After you have completed the room you will get a visit from Bella Goth to welcome you to the game. She will teach you on how to interact with other Sims around each Neighborhood.

Capture 25

Once you are finished with Bella the fun begins and you can start exploring the first neighborhood which is Parkside. Here you will unlock a brand new job for your Sims to try.

Capture 26

The world is split into five neighborhoods and each one brings new jobs for your Sims to try.

You will unlock more neighborhoods as you progress through the game. Each neighborhood brings new events and new game play to discover and try out too.

As you unlock more Neighborhoods more venues will unlock but they won’t be free, you will have to use Simoleons to unlock them.

Capture 27

Once you unlock the Cafe venue, the tutorial will teach you on how to get a job and start it.

Capture 29

The tutorial will explain promotions and job rewards to you.

Capture 31

Once you completed your Sims first shift the tutorial is over and you can start exploring the world by yourself. As you progress and unlock new game play, events and quests, you will get more tutorial’s on how to complete them.

Capture 37

Needs and Energy

Your Sims do not have needs but they do have energy in which you can refill by special cakes you earn from doing tasks and quests and events. You can also refill your Sims energy by doing household things like using the toilet, shower/bath or their bed.

Capture 76

Your sims loose energy by doing events such as work, building relationships, hobbies and neighborhood events.

As you can tell once you have used a household object to get energy you will have to wait to use it again. Your Sims energy will fully fill every one-two hours.

Tasks and Events 

Tasks are very quick and are not timed, each task will cost between 1-2 energy and depending on which tasks you will pick the greater benefit it will have on completing the Event.

Capture 30

Events are timed and mostly last between one to four hours. You will need to fill the pink bar up to complete the quest and get more rewards. If you don’t complete the event in time don’t panic you will still get rewards but the further the pink bar goes the greater the reward you will get. Work/Relationships and Hobbies are all classed as events.

Rewards and Leveling Up

Each time you complete a work shift, hobby or relationship event you will unlock rewards that includes XP, Money, items and more.  The higher you fill the bar the greater the rewards you will get.

Capture 31

Leveling Up is a great way to unlock more items for your Sims and if you hit certain levels you unlock more game play, neighborhoods, jobs and stories for your Sims to discover and try out.

Capture 36

Capture 51


Relationships work differently in The Sims Mobile since you tell their relationships through stories.

Capture 45You can pick from a selection of stories you can tell from Friends to Romances to Romances to Break Ups, I promise you guys will love this feature, its really fun seeing all the different types of stories you can tell.


Traits are a fun addition to The Sims Mobile and the more you play with your Sims the more traits they will unlock.

Capture 82

Depending on what traits your sims have. They can help Sims with their relationships, Work and more. Here are a list from The Sims Wikipedia showing off all the traits the game has:

General Traits

Generous (Give you better Daily Rewards)

Lucky (Give you Bonus XP when at home)

Party Animal (Give you Bonus Party XP at parties)

Career Traits

These traits provide bonus Event Points during applicable Career Events.

Ambitious (These Sims are better at all Careers)

Charismatic (These Sims are better at 

Business and Law Careers)

Creative (These Sims are better at the Fashion Career)

Foodie (These Sims are better at 

Barista and Culinary Careers)

Genius (These Sims are better at the Medical 


Kind of a Big Deal (These Sims are better at 

the DJ Career)

Hobby Traits

These traits provide bonus Event Points during applicable Hobby Events.

Active (These Sims are better at the Yoga Hobby)

Artisan (hese Sims are better at the Cooking and Writing Hobbies)

Musical (These Sims are better at the Guitar and Piano Hobbies)

Talented (These Sims are better at all Hobbies)

Social Event Traits

These traits provide bonus Event Points during applicable Social Events.

Alluring (These sims are better at Romantic events)

Competitive (These Sims are better at Rival Events)

Outgoing (These Sims are better at Friendly Events)

Social Interaction Traits

These traits provide bonus Social Points when interacting with others s in the applicable way.

Flirty (These Sims will occasionally get a bonus when being Flirty with other sims)

Good (These Sims will occasionally get a bonus when being Friendly with other Sims)

Mean (These Sims will occasionally get a bonus when being Insulting with other Sims)

Pickpocket (These Sims will occasionally sneak some Simoleons when intereacting with other Sims)

Please be aware that you will only get a few traits to choose from at the start of the game but you will unlock more as you progress through the game.

Also note that you will only be able to pick one of your Sims traits from Create A Sim. You will be able to pick more through the game as you progress through the game.


Traits will be unlocked by Heirlooms that you unlock after you hit level 16and you unlock the Retiring interaction.

Aging, Playable Sims & Children

Your Sims can in fact have kids, you unlock this feature when you hit level 11-12. You will need a crib to be able to have a baby, If they are successful a baby will automatically appear and a pop up will come up telling you what sex your Sims child is has and from there you can give their new child a name and more.


Your Sims will age naturally as they perform actions, complete events and as they gain skills as you play your game.

Capture 85

You also have four playable Sims. You will need to pay for the slots through Simcash but once you have them unlocked you can make your Sims children, husband or wife playable or just make a new Sim. You can do this by either clicking “Promote” Or “Create“. If you pick your sims children they will age up and you will be automatically pulled into Create A Sim and once you are done they will be playable and no longer a NPC.

Life Stages

There are four life stages in The Sims Mobile. The life stages are Babies, Toddlers, Children, Young Adults, Adults and Elders.

Sadly teenagers are not included in The Sims Mobile since they will just age up to Young Adults if you make them playable.

Retirement & Heirloom’s

When you hit level 16 your Sims can retire which as I explained a little in the traits section, this interaction will unlock Heirloom’s that can unlock more traits but they will also unlock more career levels and hobbies for your Sims to try out.



When your sims retire they will not vanish from your sims lot they will remain but will be unplayable, making them a (NPC).

Throwing Parties

Parties are a fun little feature in which you can meet and interact with real people’s Sims. You unlock parties when you reach level 6. You will meet a new Sim called Leanne and she will show you how to throw parties, and attend parties. She will also show you how to do party tasks and earn party rewards by inviting you to her birthday party.

Capture 77

Parties will last for one day and during that time you will need to do party tasks and  hitting the three stars to earn rewards. Parties also have levels so the higher the level you hit the more more rewards you earn. You earn level points by doing party tasks and also other players doing party tasks.Capture 83


As you level up you will unlock quests to complete. Quests can arrange from expanding your lifestyle points to getting married and having a baby.

Quest are a great way to earn more Simoleons, Simcash and XP for your game.

Daily To Do List

Similar to quests they can help you earn rewards like Simoleons, Simcash, XP and more.

The Daily To Do list are very simple to complete. It will mostly ask you to complete 3 daily events, change your Sims outfit or hairstyle, improve your lifestyle points by buying furniture or clothing/hairstyles etc.

This concludes my review on The Sims Mobile, there is so much to discover in The Sims Mobile and and I can’t wait for all you guys to be able to play the game when it releases worldwide.



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