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The Sims Have Released An Offical Fan Kit For Players!

The Sims Team yesterday announced that they have finally released a Fan Art Kit on their website, This means that you can download the Fan Art Kit over at their website.

Here is what EA had to say on the Fan Art Kit:

Hello Simmers! We love the content made by our fans, so we created this Fan Art Kit just for you. We hope you have a fantastic time making great, original content using these images. Two quick legal notes:

1) Your use of Fan Art Kit Materials must be non-commercial and you may not charge a fee, seek monetary contributions, or offer any goods or services for a fee or other consideration. However, you may monetize content that incorporates Fan Art Kit Materials through passive advertisements, including on your fansite or video sharing sites such as YouTube. Any advertisements must comply with these Fan Art Kit Terms.

2) Your use of Fan Art Kit Materials must be tasteful and shall not include advertisements or links to websites promoting or containing any of the following: Hacks or cheats; Inappropriate or obscene content; Inflammatory or offensive content; Unlawful or infringing content; or Other objectionable content, as determined by EA. Thank you so much for being a part of The Sims community! Love, The Sims Team





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