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The Sims 4 Play Challenge: Crazy Cat Lady

Code was provided by EA

People say that if you can’t spot the crazy person on the bus, you are the crazy person. In this particular case you are the crazy person with a fondness of cats… many, many cats! Rumor has it that you even keep your cats close to you during their afterlife… But that’s just gossip, right? …RIGHT?!

Sims in town call you the Crazy Cat Lady. You take slight offense in that… What’s crazy about loving cats?! They just don’t get you. But on the other hand it doesn’t bother you so much as you never really interact with humans anyways. The only social happenings you ever attend to are the local gatherings of stray cats!

Okay, enough role play. We would love to introduce you to the Crazy Cat Lady challenge. And oh boy… It’s going to be a handful! But… luckily it’s a handful for fluffiness. So yay for that!


Setting up the Challenge:

  • Create a young-adult or adult Sim with the Cat-lover and Loner trait. Their third trait is up to you.
  • Create 3 adult cats. All cats must have at least one negative trait. Feel free to give them more ‘bad’ traits if you want to. They are perfect in your eyes either way. 😉
  • Lifespan should be set to normal. You can find this setting in the Gameplay Options menu.
  • Move your Sim and her cats into a 20×15 lot. You can use the FreeRealEstate cheat to purchase your home. Make sure you love the location you move into, your Sim shall not move house again.
    • You may use the 20×20 lots in Brindleton Bay.
  • Feel free to use the new lot traits for your Kitty Paradise.. a.k.a. your house.

Other Species:

  • Get to Work: You can make your Crazy Cat Lady an alien. No Sims are around so you can roam free without having to disguise yourself! How convenient.
  • Vampires: Your Sim may be a Vampire, but shall not drink from other Sims at any given time. Their thirst should be fulfilled with Plasma Packs only.
The love for your cats is eternal!
The love for your cats is eternal!

Challenge Rules:

  • You can not have a job. You inherited money from Auntie Motherlode, so you never have to worry about an income ever again.
  • Your Sim can only get her social needs from interacting with cats. If she happens to speak to a human Sim, do a mean interaction and break things up immediately.
  • You may keep your Sim alive with Potion of Youth’s.
  • Cats (besides the ones you start with) can be added to the family in three different ways:
    • Once a cat of yours died, you may add another one through adoption.
    • You may befriend strays and add them to the family.
    • You may breed two of your own cats to get a new kitten.
  • Add the ghosts of your beloved cats to the family. Ghost kitties may only be added if you previously owned them, so no strays from the graveyard.

The challenge is finished once you added the seven ghosts of your cats to your family OR if your cats get taken away due to neglect. In which case, you lost the challenge.

Code was provided by EA

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  1. I’m finding this really fun. She never goes out as stray cats come to hang out ! Unfortunately the only problem with not interacting with people is that the ghost of recent house likes to hang out! I tried releasing her spirit but to no avail she still pops round and breaks stuff not a problem tho as I’m levelling up her handiness skills.

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