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The Sims 4 Mod: Turbo Careers

Follow your Sims during their working day in ALL careers!

Our Sims have been quite busy with their careers since Get to Work was released, and with our help they’re really giving their best at their workplace, but as you know you can only follow them if they work as a doctor, a detective or a scientist.

But what about the other careers? We only see our Sims go to work in the morning and come back in the evening,but we will never know what they did…They worked hard, or they just spent all their time faffing around and doing nothing? We will never know that,or this was the case since today.

It’s better If you warn your loafer Sims,because now there’s a mod, made by Zerbu Tabek, that enables active careers for every job! Right, now you can follow your Sims at work even if they’re chefs, comedian, personal trainers or every other Sims 4 career!

How does the mod work?

Just like Get to Work (please note: you need to have this expansion installed, otherwise the mod won’t work) when it’s time for your Sims to leave for work, a pop up will appear asking you if you want to follow the, and if you choose yes, you will be taken to the appropriate venue (you will have to place an adequate career venue in your world in order to do so.)

Once you’re at your Sims workplace, you will be assigned goals to complete, which will change accordingly to your Sims careers (as an example, a comedian will have different goals than a writer) and level. Of course, if your Sims work hard and complete their daily task and complete all their goals, they will receive a performance bonus which will make their run for promotion faster and faster!

The mod works the same way for the two teen careers, Barista and Fast Food, which have been extended to adults as well. They both last for six hours now, have an higher pay and they will receive overmax raises, just like the other adult careers,

Career Venues

Of course, to follow your Sims at work, you will need an appropriate career venue. You can both create them yourself or download them from the gallery.There is a venue for every career, and there are also three combined venues, really helpful If you need to save space in your world:

  • Combined Workplace 1 – Astronaut, Athlete, Secret Agent
  • Combined Workplace 2 – Business, Tech Guru, Writer
  • Combined Workplace 3 – Painter, Entertainer

Here are the venue requirements if you want to build them yourself:

It’s recommend you place objects close enough to each other that you won’t have to wait too long to get from one object to another. Also, it’s helpful if it’s possible to multi task when available.


  • Exercise Equipment (Treadmill, Workout Machine, Punching Bag)
  • Chess Table
  • Rocket


  • Exercise Equipment (Treadmill, Workout Machine, Punching Bag)
  • Stereo


  • Computers
  • Chess Table
  • Full Kitchen Area with Coffee Machine

Culinary/Fast Food/Barista:

  • Full Kitchen Area (preferably large enough to accommodate multiple Sims at once)
  • Six Coffee Machines for the Barista Career (will work with less, but then you’ll have to empty them)
  • Bar
  • Though not required, it’s recommended you leave spoiled food and drink on the lot when uploading to the gallery


  • Computers
  • Exercise Equipment (Treadmill, Workout Machine, Punching Bag)


  • Musical Instruments (Guitar, Violin, Piano)
  • Computer (for writing jokes)
  • Microphone


  • Easel
  • Full Kitchen + Coffee Machine
  • Art to View and Critique

Secret Agent:

  • Computers
  • Chess Table
  • Exercise Equipment (Treadmill, Workout Machine, Punching Bag)

Tech Guru:

  • Computers
  • Full Kitchen Area with Coffee Machine
  • Gaming Rig (optional, computers are enough)


  • Computers
  • Bookcase
  • Full Kitchen Area with Coffee Machine.


Known Issues

We all agree this mod is quite awesome, but it still has some issues, so keep this in mind before installing it:

  • At the moment, individual venues won’t take priority over combined ones, so for example, if you have a combined venue for the Astronaut, Athlete and Secret Agent careers but also have a separate one for the Secret Agent career, the individual one won’t be prioritized and Sims in the Secret Agent career will be sent to a random one of the two venues. Individual venues were only added late in development (after the 1.9 patch added a scrollbar to the venue list) so I haven’t had time to make them more detailed.
  • Some career levels don’t match up perfectly to their names and descriptions, since that would be impossible without changing them. I might make a mod in the future that renames career levels and changes their descriptions, but not right now.
  • When switching from a career that has its own uniform to one that doesn’t, Sims will attend work in their old uniform. This can be fixed with my Customizable Career Outfits mod.
  • Career events will count towards some goals in the “Party Animal” aspiration. I haven’t checked if this is exclusive to the mod or if it also effects Get to Work careers.
  • Sometimes, when downloading a lot from the gallery, the game won’t automatically register it to the career events system. After downloading a work lot from the gallery or placing one from your library, set the lot type to something random, exit build mode, enter build mode again then set the lot type to the correct type. If this is your first time using the mod, I strongly suggest saving before sending a Sim to work for the first time, just to make sure you didn’t make any mistakes. If you fail to do this, you won’t receive the option to follow your Sim to work, and the venue may behave in other strange ways.

Also, If you encounter some bugs, please make sure to point them out to Zerbu through his Twitter page, so he can fix them soon and make this mod work smoother than ever.

Please note that the mod won’t work if you have any career based mod (like mods who alter the length to the working day or others) so If you have any of these mods, remember to uninstall them first before adding this mod to your game.

Download the Turbo Careers Mod Here: (Two parts download,make sure you download and install both parts)



If you have any questions about the mod, you can ask them directly to Zerbu through his Twitter page or his blog and he will do his best to help you. Don’t know how to add mods or custom content to your game? Head over to our tutorial on how to install mods and custom content.

Last but not least, don’t forget to thank Zerbu Tabek if you download and enjoy his mod…Making mods requires an huge amount of time, so every appreciation is very much welcome.

Happy modding!

Source: Zerbu Tabek Blog


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  1. So I just downloaded this mod and all the careers and their venues work fine; except the Culinary/Fast Food/Barista one. The option doesn’t even show up on the Lot Type. There’s only the in-game options which are Restaurant and Cafe which won’t let me follow them to work. Please help.

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