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The Sims 4 Machinimas: When the Sims 4 becomes a movie set!

Watch some of the best machinimas made with The Sims 4

Hi Simmers! Today I would like to show you something abit different from the usual: Sims 4 machinimas! Do you know what a machinima is, don’t you? No? Oh, that’s bad…But don’t worry, you just came at the right place at the right time! A machinima is, in a nutshell, a short movie made using a videogame…And which game is more suitable for this scope than the Sims 4, with all its weird characters and weird stories? No one, I’d say! That’s why simmers from all the corners of the globe made lots and lots of awesome machinimas which are really worth watching.

That’s pretty cool, right? So what about watching some machinimas right now? It’ll be lots of fun, I promise! So..let’s start!

Bella Goth’s story

Bella Goth is inarguably one of the most loved Sims characters of all time. After all, how can you not love her? With all her beauty, her charm and charisma, she can literally make anyone fall head over heels for her…Even aliens! Aliens, you’d say? Yep, aliens! It is told that the reason of the mysterious disappearance of Bella Goth from Pleasant view is her abduction made by Pollination Technician 9, an alien in disguise who was living in Strangeland…Is this true?

Bella Goth: The Return

The disappearance of their mom Bella threw Cassandra and Alexander,her two beloved children, in a profound melacholy and despair: they miss their mom and they’re afraid they will never see her again. But, once they grow up, they decide to investigate about the strange disappearance of Bella, and they discover that their poor mom is an hostage on Sixam, where she’s obliged to work as an entertainer for cruel aliens who bully her for their own amusement. They bravely travel to Sixam and face hords of angry aliens to set their mom free, but just when they’re finally together and ready to leave the hostile planet and come back to heart, something goes terribly wrong…

Author (both machinimas):  Rèmi Marocelli

The Landgraabs

‘We are living in a material world’, sang Madonna back in the ’80,and the Landgraabs seems to have taken these lyrics literally: their only scope is to gain more and more money and get richer and richer. How they do that? Easy, they turn themselves into loan sharks who mob and intimidate people who are desperately in need for money.
They live surrounded by gold, but one day this lifestyles starts to take its toll…Will they learn the lesson?

Author: Itamar Medeiros 

The Clown- Horror Machinima

How will you act if your little sister tells you that she has a clown as imaginary friend who always visits her at the window? You’d say that it’s quite normal to have an imaginary friend at their age, and after all a clown it’s so funny and nice, and it could never hurt anyone, right? right?
PLEASE NOTE:This is an horror machinima with a creepy monster. If you’ve very young, or you think you could feel uncomfortable or scared by watching this, then please don’t watch it…We’re here for having fun, not to feel afraid! So, think twice before hitting the play button, okay?


Author: Adriano Magnavita


A Thousand Years

If the clown machinima above scared you, don’t worry: here I have this sweet and romantic story who is jsut perfect to recover from a creepy story, so please enjoy this machinima about those two adorable sims who will surely steal you heart with their tender and romantic love story.



Author: BabyMallows

Heavy Storm

We all experience this during our lifetime: that deep sense of melancholy and nostalgy about something that used to be, but now it’s not anymore: people who come and then go, our parents and relatives who sadly pass away, friends who become almost stranger…Because we all dream big and great things, but at the end of the day, we will miss only the so called ‘simple things’, like having a family day at the lake or going to a campfire with all our best friends, and it’s only when we miss them that we realize how precious they were. This is what the author of the machinima wanted us to reflect on, and I think this is a great lesson to learn and remember.


Author: pleasantlyperplexed


Well, that’s all for now…I really hope you enjoyed all the machinimas, and if you believe there are others on the web who really deserve a shoutout, share them with us in the comments! And don’t foget to give a big thumbs up to the authors of all those amazing machinimas!

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