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The Sims 4 Get Famous: SimGuru Q&A Part 1

The SimGuru’s have already started answering questions on the brand new pack (The Sims 4 Get Famous). Here is what they had to say:

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  1. Just wanna know… why can’t unplayed yet greatly skilled sims like Sofia Bjergsen or Penny Pizzazz become celebrity.. why did they choose to spawn random mister Genji Ghomari the pearshaped superstar in his terrible outfit that makes a clown frown ?? Such a waste. Was looking forward to watching Sofia become a star but now she is doomed to fawn over some weirdo with zero skill or career and a wardrobe that makes a clowns look like that of a fashion guru. And Penny was CLS celebrity posterchild yet now she is fan of jobless pearman Genji who just spawned and has no purpose but stalking my sims even though i loathe the pearshaped randoms.

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