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The Sims 4 Console: A Big Update To Hit Xbox One & PlayStation 4 Very Soon!

Remember that massive update that hit PC players that added First Person Camera, Terrain Tools and a New Career? Well, you should since good news is just around the corner for Console Simmers!

SimGuruLegacy took to Twitter to confirm that this huge update is one step away from releasing for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but they are just waiting for approvals from Microsoft and Sony:

The update should be set to release in about two weeks time since The Sims 4 Get Famous is being released on Consoles (February 4th, 2019), so its only right that the update will be released just before the Expansion Pack releases.

There is some exciting stuff coming to Consoles. You can read all our articles on these new features by clicking the links down below:

The Sims 4: November Game Patch Overview

The Sims 4: November Game Patch Overview!

First Person Camera feature revealed during Maxis Monthly:

First Person Camera feature revealed during Maxis Monthly!

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