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Sims Online is evolving!

The visitors count on Sims Online is growing fast and the features needs to grow with it. Next month Sims Online will be on the internet for one year now! Time for some changes to celebrate this. Most of the changes will be made in one week. The website will be down for max 15 minutes (already happened) to make the major changes. After this you will be able to read every article again and I will continue to make more changes for the better of this site and the readers. If you run into anything that looks weird, just reply to this post and I will look into it.

Features that are already changed

  • The Mega Menu works properly on mobile phones.
  • Custom sidebars are added for each post (for example: The Astronaut career guide has a sidebar will all the other careers so you can easily navigate between these careers)
  • There is a Pinterest feed from the Sims Online account with house ideas and floor plans for you to build. (footer)
  • RSS added.
  • Font type has changed to a more readable font type.

What is going to change on Sims Online?

  • The homepage will be different, it will show you the latest post but also direct links to the expansion guides.
  • The Main Menu will be updated with more functionality.
  • Images will be adjusted to a bigger size.
  • Very stylish countdown timer.
  • Team page will be added.
  • House downloads will be adjusted so you can filter them.

Most of the changed I’m going to make are based on analyzed visitors data. I’m going to work very hard to make this happen. If you have any questions or maybe new idea’s for Sims Online you can leave a reply below.

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