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The Sims Mobile Quick Preview


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I’m so happy I was able to try The Sims Mobile on SimsCamp. It’s so much better than I thought it would be and very user friendly. The graphics are really good for a mobile game, even on a tablet it’s beautiful. The animations are actually really smooth compared to other mobile games. You can also invite your Facebook friends into the game and interact with each other.

The main thing what I was worried about was that when you are trying to complete an event and you run out of energy and the event is over before you know it. But The Sims team gave us enough time complete certain events. You’ll get around one hour so you can go home, get some rest in bed, take a shower or sit on the toilet to gain energy. (weird right? But it works) After that you can resume your event.

When you reach level 5 you can add a new Sim to your household. When the other Sim really is out of energy you can just switch over to the new one.

A fun little detail is that there’s a painting of the wall above the fireplace, when you click on it you can see your current household and maybe some empty slots that can be filled when you reach a higher level. I only got to level 5 in 30 minutes but I’m definitely downloading this game when it’s released.

*The Sims Mobile is currently only available in select territories. Content is subject to change prior to its release worldwide.

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