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The Sims 4 Update: New Ways to Display Photographs

Today’s update is bringing more photograph options into your Sims 4 game. A set with new color for frames to display your favorite photographs, you can now choose to place the frame on the wall or place it on a surface.

SimGuruGeorge posted a tweet earlier about the new update! You can see the possibilities to move frames from the wall to the surface.

They also released a few bugfixes, changed the loading screen to a more darker blue and more importantly… more objects that can be used when you use the Off The Grid lot trait!

The Sims 4 Patch Notes – August 8, 2019

Happy August Simmers!

We hope you’re having a nice summer (or winter, depending on your hemisphere…) Have you had a chance to go on vacation recently? If so, did you take lots of fabulous photos? If not, have you taken some fun selfies with your friends? At the very least I’m sure you’ve photographed your dinner…

Well, your Sims have been busy taking photos (or they will, once you tell them to), and now there are new ways to display photographs in The Sims 4.

It’s easier than ever to create new looks for ordinary walls: place a photo on the wall from your Sim’s inventory, then click on it – you’ll find a new “Change Orientation” option that lets you quickly and easily rotate between landscape and portrait.

Fill your Sim’s surfaces with pictures of family and friends (and anything else you can imagine) by grabbing a photo placed on the wall and dragging it on to a table or a shelf – it will magically turn into a standing photo with a frame.

Personally, I plan to build a tiny home and decorate it with nothing but artistic photographs of grilled cheese sandwiches.

Have fun!


Fixes & Updates

The Sims 4

  • Invites from NPCs to social events at venues will no longer end seconds after your Sim arrives at the venue.
  • Sims can no longer Serenade other Sims through a wall.
  • Fixed an issue where venue lot types were sometimes not displaying correctly.
  • Walls will now show in photographs taken in basements without stairs.
  • Why you may have a basement without stairs is none of our business.
  • Take Photo Of will now work when the photo subject is lounging on a lounge chair.
  • No changes were made to subjects sitting in a sit chair, or laying on a lay bed.

Get Together

  • Toddlers no longer stretch when getting their photo taken.
  • Selected NPC Sims who are off lot will now come to take photos at the In a Flash Photo Studio.


  • The boat at the lighthouse in Brindleton Bay now has a Travel With… interaction. (Because the boat was lonely, and wanted to travel with you.)


  • Sims will no longer obsessively open and close their umbrellas while walking to chat with another Sim.

Island Living

  • Beach Towels are now visible when the lighting is set to low settings.
  • Mermaids now properly pass along their genetics to the next generation.
  • Mermaid conservationists can now successfully survey wildlife in the ocean.
  • Research Conservation on the computer no longer causes every skill the Sim knows to increase rapidly.
  • NPC Sims from other worlds can now successfully travel with your Sim to Sulani, instead of vanishing before arrival.
    • NPC Sims from other dimensions still disappear prior to arriving.
  • Sims will no longer get stuck when other Sims are lounging on float loungers.

Multiple updates for the Off the Grid lot trait

  • A new search term was added to Buy Mode, “Off the Grid”, to make finding valid items in the catalog easier.
  • Fish can now be added to Fish Bowls.
  • Sims can now clean dirty sinks that work Off the Grid
  • In a Flash Photo Studio no longer emits light when placed on a lot with the Off the Grid lot trait.
  • The following objects now work Off the Grid and/or are labeled appropriately in the catalog:
    • All photography cameras
    • Sulani Volcanic BBQ Searer
    • NanoCan Touchless Trash Can
    • Wabbit Tablet, Slablet, and Digitalistic Sketchpad
    • Digirad Keyboard
    • Fireplaces
    • Rocks of Fire and Roast’em and Toast’em Campfire from Outdoor Retreat
    • The Quadpod Grill from Toddler Stuff
    • Ole Timmy’s WashTub from Laundry Day Stuff
    • Kiddie Pools from Seasons
    • To make caring for Pets easier the Petmate Programmatic Pet Feeder, Litter-Laser: Self-Cleaning Litter Box, and Litter-Matic Scoop Free are now battery powered

Dine Out

  • Random Sims will no longer steal your Sim’s food and eat it.
  • Restaurants now work in Sulani.
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