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The Sims 4 Play Challenge: Grow Up 7 Toddlers

7 Toddler Challenge

With the Toddler patch live, we need a new challenge right? The other day I saw James Turner (The Sim Supply) doing this amazingly fun challenge to take care of 7 toddlers. There where no specific rules but he wanted to know if he could do this without losing his mind. So if you’re up for it and you need a challenge, I suggest you try this one! Create a new family with 7 toddlers and one adult to take care of them.

If the adult Sim dies you’ll lose this challenge. If one of your toddler dies or gets taken away by child services, you’ll have to replace it with a new toddler and start all over with this one.

Challenge Rules

  • Your household has to have 1 adult. (you can customize this one)
  • Create 7 toddlers with the randomize tool in Create a Sim and give them an unique trait. Toddlers can’t have the same trait as their siblings.
  • Use a money cheat if necessary. (CTRL+SHIFT+C and enter: Motherlode)
  • You can hire a Nanny to help you out. If you have The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff you can also hire a butler.
  • You can buy anything you may need to take care of the toddlers.
  • Your adult Sim can’t have a job but he/she can have hobbies (if your Sim has time for it but I doubt that).
  • Enter the setting from the image below.
Game Settings for the Toddler Challenge
Press Esc and go to Game Options. Select Gameplay and copy the options from this screenshot

That’s it! I wish you the best of luck. If you have any questions regarding this challenge or if the rules are unclear, you can ask us in the comments below.

The SimGuru’s also did a live stream of this challenge! You can watch this stream below.

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  1. Oh My GOSH! I didn’t even make it past 3 toddlers and 36 hours! This is one DIFFICULT challenge. Totally hilarious to watch the toddlers completely melt down and the adult to energy crash on a regular basis. Best of luck with this one, you will need it.

  2. Sounds like fun! And obviously challenging, but I’ll be changing the rules slightly when I do this. Adults have the ability to take care of themselves, babies and toddlers don’t. So if one of the toddlers dies in my Sim’s care it’s not ‘Replace and continue’ it’s going to be game over, the same as if the adult dies. If my adult sim dies, I lose the challenge. ESPECIALLY if any of the toddlers dies, I lose the challenge!

  3. I can’t wait to do this when I run out of ideas of what to do in my game again! Lovely Article Like Always Sandra. Also, I wish the rest of yall the best of luck on this challenge! I hope all of you Enjoy this Challenge also 🙂

  4. This challenge is heartbreaking!!! ?
    I have a soon-to-be toddler myself and not being able to meet the needs of the Sims toddlers made me panic slightly. lol

  5. Omg this is the hardest challenge i have ever attempted in sims. Its all easy at first and youre like “i got this” and then they all simultaneously what different things and they all are having 7 different melt downs and then adult sim passes out and youre screwed ??

  6. Oh gosh. This sounds slightly terrifying. And for me, heartbreaking, since I can barely keep 2 toddlers. :0

  7. Having a Coffee Machine is a MUST! and before you start, kind of plan out what you want to do when you go in. Also having your adult sim have the neat trait, that will really help as well. And I would recommend having the toddlers room/s on the bottom floor, because they can’t climb stairs until Movement Level 2. Also apparently if you get all of your toddlers skills up to level 3-5, I think they can unlock special traits. Good Luck!

  8. I think I want to do this but, NO CHEATS and NO NANNY. It’s like, super hard mode and I’m scared lol. I will definitely have to care for them with some serious forethought.

  9. I am currently playing this with a few tweaks. I combined it with other another challenge to make it even harder. Basically I made one teen and 7 toddlers and they were “shipwrecked” on one of the off the grid islands in sulani. Started off with 0 money and no house. Had to get the funds for shelter with what I could fish/dive/scavenge from the island. No traveling, no jobs, no cheats except to get out of glitches. It was absolute hell until the toddlers aged up to children. They lived in a one bedroom shack until the children started fishing.

  10. 7 Toddler Challenge Extreme mode

    Goals: To Raise 7 Toddlers To Children without Getting any taken away or Dying

    You must have 1 young adult or adult sim

    You must have 7 toddlers with no duplicate traits

    You can’t use the independent trait on any of the toddlers

    You must start with $32,000 or less

    You can not use cheats (except for glitches)

    Your guardian sim can not have a job

    You may never use a Nanny or Butler or any other sims help

    The Toddler sims can never go to daycare
    (Meaning no leaving the lot)

    You may use any lot traits that you want

    You can use a Premade house and equip it with the following toddler stuff:

    7 toddler beds
    3 toddler pottys
    3. big stuffed animals
    2 stacks of nesting blocks
    2 wabbit tablets
    1 bookcase
    1 toy box

    You can’t use more than what is specified but you can use less (for more of a challenge)

    You have to get all toddler skills to level 3 before aging them up

    Once all toddlers have became children you have completed the challenge

    If your gaurdian sim dies u lose
    If your kids get taken away you lose

    Your allowed Only 4 Helpers during the entire challenge
    (You may only use 1 at a time/sim day
    You have to use them in order
    Once used they may never be used again)

    1-Cheat 1 need or guardian sim
    2-Cheat to fix a household item
    3-Cheat 1 need of all Toddler sims
    4-Get 1 more/Finale Wabbit Tablet

    Good luck and Have Fun!!
                                     -King Pa-Tatertotz

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