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What we learned from The Sims 4 Panel at Gamescom 2016

I was excited that I got invited by Amanda Drake to join The Sims Panel at Gamescom on Thursday! I already knew that they couldn’t talk about future content so they talked about other interesting facts like the productions, communications and the pack differences.

A few word where shown in the presentation that tells us the overall vision for The Sims 4: Life, creativity, play and community. Other words what we can expect from the game are: Empowering, optimistic and playful. Rachel was telling us an example that they want a realistic part of life and make it more fun.

We want to let a Sim die, but in a funny way.

Rachel Franklin – General Manager

Earlier and more livestreams!

One thing they already changed is the time of the livestreams before a new pack will is released. This was always a few days after release and they moved it to Friday before a new pack release. They want to tell us exact enough information what we need to form an opinion about a new pack but not too much so we stay curious. In the future there are plans to do more livestreams and maybe even let’s play streams by SimGuru’s!

What’s in a pack

What determines what will be an expansion pack, game pack or stuff pack?

  • Stuff Packs are packs are ‘a moment in time’. For example with The Sims 4 Backyard Stuff you where able to place a water slide. The other objects that came with this pack are directly related to the water slide. They chose objects that are logical to place next to or around the water slide.
  • Game Packs are a story line with a theme. This means you are always able to explore new venues or worlds with a specific theme.
  • Expansion Packs have multiple different story’s to tell. For example with The Sims 4 Get Together you have clubs, different skills to level, creating groups and create buildings in a new style.

Did you know they are working on 4-5 packs at the same time? Isn’t that amazing! That means a lot of packs are in the works.

What is that about the ‘Get’ in the title for every expansion pack?

Annabel wanted to ask this question for almost a year. I’m glad she did! They told us this was not intentional with Get Together. They just liked the name for this pack and they’d roll with it. The next pack is more likely to have a completely different name.

That’s it!

I had a chance to meet amazing people in the community who all inspired me with their energy and their commitment for The Sims 4. The SimGuru’s where really nice and dedicated to the game and it was an honor to meet them!

…and I received amazing Sims 4 goodies!

Goodies that where giving away during Gamescom 2016 (bag, t-shirt, hoodie and a Plumbob headband)
Goodies that where giving away during Gamescom 2016 (bag, t-shirt, hoodie and a Plumbob headband)
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