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Teasers for potential Sims 4 Ghost Hunting pack spotted

Sim Gurus are known to give away hints towards upcoming content on their social media. This week a bunch of them started posting tweets containing GIFs. Apart from each other the images didn’t tell us much, but put together they formed an image telling us an announcement is coming next week, on the 12th of January. Amongst others, Simmer Fernando took the liberty to put the image together as a whole:

The image shows us spirit-like creatures, similar to the ones from The Sims 4 Snowy Escape. A Sim (rocking a wonderful new hairstyle and shirt) seems to be interacting with them, as they appear to be friendly. A still from the same interaction later popped up in the start menu of The Sims 4, again telling us to stay tuned for the 12th. 

A few days later yet another spooky GIF was posted on Twitter, this time by the official The Sims account itself.

The Sims 4 Happy Haunts might become reality after all

Last year we had the chance to vote on the next Stuff Pack for The Sims 4. Simmers all around the world could vote on gameplay features, the items for both CAS and Build & Buy and even the name for the pack. Back then Nifty Knitting won the survey and it became the second community-driven pack of The Sims 4, Laundry Day Stuff being the first.

While Arts & Crafts won the survey back then, another topic seemed to have peaked the interest of Simmers. The runner-up was Happy Haunts, a pack revolving around the supernatural. The ideas for the pack named several career paths such as the Psychic and Ghost Hunter Freelance careers, items such as a séance table and a lot trait for Haunted Houses. 

So isn’t the survey useless then?

Well, simply put: no, it is not. While a pack such as Nifty Knitting won the survey from 2020, it doesn’t mean other topics weren’t popular. To paint a picture: if 51% of the votes went to the Arts & Crafts topic and 49% went to Happy Haunts, the topics had similar amounts of interest within the community, but Arts & Crafts won fairly. However, to then neglect the topic of Happy Haunts forever after the survey is done would be a shame, as such a big number of Simmers have shown interest in the potential content. 

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