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Building Challenge: Things I Never Use

Things I Never Use Building Challenge

Build a house with objects you never or barely use in your game! This challenge was created by MsGryphi and she started to tag fellow Simmers on twitter to compete in the challenge. Maybe you also want to give this challenge a go!

Challenge Rules

  • Use objects you never use while building a house (objects, flooring, wallpaper, foundation, roofing, and landscaping).
  • You also need to decorate the inside of the house with objects you never use.
  • You can’t use CC in this build.
  • You can use money cheats and cheats to unlock items.

Good luck!

Watch MsGryphi do this fun Challenge

Featured Houses

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About the Building Challenges

We can all build large and expensive houses in The Sims 4, but what’s the challenge in that? Time to limit the options and test your building skills. I’m creating building challenges for you to compete in. You can use these challenges in Let’s Build video’s on YouTube, challenging a friend or testing your own building skills.

If you want to upload the house you build for these challenges use hashtag #Sims4BuildingChallenge in The Sims 4 Gallery so people can find them easily. Same goes for twitter.

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