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Work till you drop as a Salaryperson in The Sims 4 Snowy Escape

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Some Sims just can’t stop working! And to no surprise, your Sim is one of these Sims. They will spend a big part of their day at the office of the Farseer Data Corporation, but the social status they earn while working makes it all worth it… along with the salary of course. 

Dedicating your life to the Farseer Data Corporation and putting its needs above all else is just the first step for a Salaryperson. Stability, respect, and endless hours of work are in your future. Advance to be a Supervisor or an Expert in your field all while enjoying morning commutes and evening Karaoke.

Career branches: Expert and Supervisor

Prepare for your job as a Salaryperson

Pick up the phone and choose the Salaryperson career to get started. We have some tips and tricks for you to help make it easier to get promotions.

  • Level up the Logic skill
    Use the microscope, observatory, chess table or read a logic skill book to improve the Logic skill. Most of these activities fill up the Fun Need, so pick wisely.
  • Level up the Writing skill
    Use a computer to Practise Writing. Once your Sim gets a higher skill, they will unlock more book genres to write and even the ability to become a published author from the comfort of their own home.
  • Pick a helpful aspiration
    Fabulously Wealthy or perhaps the Mansion Baron aspirations seem to be the most fitting for this career. Your Sim will spend a lot of their time making money so why not check these aspiration milestones off your to-do list.
  • Go to work with a positive emotion
    Pick the right traits so your Sim gets a happy buff quite easily. Make sure your needs are almost maxed out or you can work from home.
  • Complete the daily task
    This will give a boost to your work performance.
  • Maintain a good relationship with co-workers
    When you completed your first workday your colleagues will pop up in the relationship menu. Give them a call, text or invite them to your home to get a better relationship.

For the Expert branch

  • Level up the Programming skill
    The Expert branch is all about cracking the data behind the productivity of the corporate world. Use a computer to practise programming or pick up a book about the Programming skill.

For the Supervisor branch

  • Level up the Charisma skill
    Your Sim will need to be a respective leader in the Supervisor branch. The better your Charisma, the more you can charm those below you to do your bidding. Interact with other Sims or use a mirror to practise your speech. 

Pick the right Traits

It’s helpful to pick the right traits for the job. This will boost the happiness of your Sim while working.

  • Ambitious
    These Sims gain powerful Moodlets from career success, gain negative Moodlets from career failure and may become upset if not promoted.
  • Genius
    The Sims tend to be Focused, can Share Ideas with other Sims and may become upset if they haven’t improved their Mental Skills for some time.
  • Self-Assured
    These Sims tend to be Confident.

Career Promotions

Now that you’re settled in a bit, it’s time to work on getting your Sim the promotions they deserve. Your Sim will disappear into a rabbit hole while they’re working, so now all you have to do is wait for them to return home or perhaps play other Sims in your household. 

Use cheats to level up the Salaryperson career

You can also use a cheat to give your Sim a promotion in the Salaryperson career. Make sure the testingcheats true cheat is turned on and then enter the following:

careers.promote CorporateWorker

A Salaryperson will do each of their Daily Tasks on a computer, so better save up for one or use one at the public library.

Daily Task: Prepare Semi-Important Reports

To complete this easy task hop on your computer and look for the new Prepare Semi-Import Reports interaction. You can find the interaction under the Career… menu of your pc. If your Sim doesn’t own a computer yet, you can use one in any public library to complete this daily task.

1 – New Hire

It is said that it takes six months to become productive at a new job. Your Sim will have 6 hours. There will be no slouching for New Hires at Farseer Data Corporation. They are at the bottom of the food chain in this competitive corporate world.

§ 14/hour – § 140/day

  • Enthuse about Farseer Data Corporation interaction
  • Dance to Company Anthem interaction
    Click on your Sim to burst into dance.

2 – Pencil Pusher

There is a quiet dignity about efficiently completing paperwork. Sure, there is no great praise, but sometimes your Sim still likes to show off by using a pen on first drafts.

§ 21/hour – § 210/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 2 Logic Skill
  • Reach Level 2 Writing Skill

Promotion Reward

  • § 300 bonus

3 – Competent Clerk

Your Sim has more accounts to watch over and duties to complete. Their performance must be nothing less than competent. In this role, decent writing skills are a must.

§ 25/hour – § 250/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 3 Logic Skill
  • Reach Level 3 Writing Skill

Promotion Reward

  • § 430 bonus
  • Out on the Town Suit in Create a Sim
The Out of Town Suit is a wrinkled, undone suit. Your Sim probably spent a late night singing some after-work-Karaoke with colleages.

4 – Office Doyen

Through hard work and never forgetting a co-worker’s birthday, your Sim has become the Office Doyen. If there is a debate on what font to use for the new letterhead, the office will fall in line behind your choice.

§ 37/hour – § 370/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 4 Logic Skill
  • Reach Level 4 Writing Skill

Promotion Reward

  • § 510 bonus
  • Charismatic Crooner Reward Trait
    These Sims have mastered charismatic vocal tones that help them get along better with co-workers. Those tones may even help with their singing ability.

Choose your specialization

Now it’s time to choose which side you are on. Will you be the person reading the data or will you be the one using that data to ‘motivate’ those beneath you in the corporate food chain? If you want the more technical side of this career, you should pick the Expert branch. You’ll need to pick up the Programming skill for that. The Supervisor branch focuses more on managing the people working for Farseer Data Corporation, which will require you to level up your Charisma skill to socialize better with your peers.

Experts are all about data, data and even more data!

The Expert branch

Experts are needed in all fields. You don’t limit yourself. You are an expert in everything that your boss needs you to be. You are the first and last call teams make when working on difficult problems.

Daily Task: Optimize Spreadsheet Formulas

From now on your previous daily task has been replaced with this new Optimize Spreadsheet Formulas interaction on your computer. If it doesn’t show up in the Career… menu of your pc yet, you could try reloading the lot by traveling or go to the library to use a computer there instead. The task takes a bit of time to complete, but it’s nothing difficult to achieve. This task levels up your Programming as well as your Writing skill.

5 – Data Wrangler

The mysteries of the universe are decipherable through data and your Sim is the expert who can read that data. What is an eye glazing mountain of numbers to some, is a collection of insights, secrets and revelations for your Sim. That makes them very valuable to the big bosses.

§ 61/hour – § 549/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 5 Logic Skill
  • Reach Level 3 Programming Skill

Promotion Reward

  • § 575 bonus
  • Omazake Recipe

6 – Calculus Adept

Why did your Sim sign up for this job? It’s a role that will derive most people crazy. Most of your Sim’s co-workers say your work is just a derivative anyway. 

§ 112/hour – § 1.008/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 6 Logic Skill
  • Reach Level 4 Programming Skill

Promotion Reward

  • § 620 bonus
  • Power Nap interaction

7 – Spreadsheet Specialist

Spreadsheets are now your Sim’s domain. Formulas are their tool of choice. There is no limit to the number of rows and columns they will be responsible for.

§ 127/hour – § 1.016/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 7 Logic Skill
  • Reach Level 5 Programming Skill

Promotion Reward

  • § 710 bonus
  • Energy Crush Recipe

8 – Ruler of the Cells

Your Sim now directs all the spreadsheet specialists. Through their direction lies fates of payroll, capacity planning, billing, finance, and countless other mission critical spreadsheets.

§ 177/hour – § 1.416/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 8 Logic Skill
  • Reach Level 6 Programming Skill

Promotion Reward

  • § 900 bonus
  • Busy Night Owl Table Lamp
  • Exercise to Decompress

9 – Formula Virtuoso

Advanced logic and programming skills have helped your Sim progress to this level. The way they use formulas to work the data is like watching a skilled artist create. As long as your Sim is creating profit, the big bosses are happy.

§ 190/hour – § 1.330/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 9 Logic Skill
  • Reach Level 7 Programming Skill

Promotion Reward

  • § 1.050 bonus
  • Employee of the Month T-shirt in Create a Sim

10 – Cloud Data Guru

So this is where all the data ends up. All of it is at your fingertips. Your Sim will use it to lead Farseer Data Corporation to be number 1 globally. All departments tie into data, so now your Sim will be critical to all departments. I hope you like being ‘on call’.

§ 272/hour – § 1.904/day – § 9.520/week

Promotion Reward

  • § 1.450 bonus
  • Legendary Stamina Reward Trait
    These Sims have learned how to keep their energy up when the office coffee pot is empty. Their energy will drain more slowly than other Sims.
Supervisors keep an eye on the employees of Farseer Data Corporation. If people slack off, you make sure to let them know!

The Supervisor branch

The corporate hive mind does not function without an endless number of team leads. Join their legion and become a Supervisor. Increase productivity by hundredths of a percent through inspirational team exercises.

Daily Task: Host Phone Conference

From now on you can find the Host Phone Conference option in your phone’s menu. Click on the little briefcase icon (Work) and use the interaction. You’ll have to have one of these phone calls to complete your Daily Task. It also happens to level up your Charisma skill while you’re holding the conference.

5 – Valued Employee

Your Sim is truly a valued employee. They clearly stand out from the thousands of slightly less valued employees at the same level.

§ 70/hour – § 560/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 5 Logic Skill
  • Reach Level 3 Charisma Skill

Promotion Reward

  • § 550 bonus
  • Chicken Yakitori Recipe

6 – Team Leader

As a Team Leader, your Sim will command the ultimate respect of at least two employees. This may only apply to the two weeks in which your Sim is writing quarterly reviews.

§ 120/hour – § 960/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 6 Logic Skill
  • Reach Level 4 Charisma Skill

Promotion Reward

  • § 730 bonus
  • Rehearse Company Values

7 – Skilled Supervisor

Your Sim has finally achieved the prestige of being a Skilled Supervisor. They stand out amongst their peers in a good way, for work ethic. Productivity will increase or there will be more paperwork. 

§ 155/hour – § 1.240/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 7 Logic Skill
  • Reach Level 5 Charisma Skill

Promotion Reward

  • § 910 bonus
  • Ssh! Luxury Shoji Screen

8 – Prime Planner

What will the team be doing next Thursday at 9:47AM? Your Sim knows. They are a wizard of calendars, punch cards, data sheets, and gantt charts. Worker capacity will be accounted for.

§ 201/hour – § 1.407/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 8 Logic Skill
  • Reach Level 6 Charisma Skill

Promotion Reward

  • § 1.200 bonus
  • Most Loyal Employee Award

9 – Group Oracle

Whether it is office seating arrangements or how to create more efficient submission processes for form 250-3, the Group Oracle is who the corporate leaders turn to. Your Sim will need to be an expert in multiple fields to help out this group, or at least know how to bluff.

§ 250/hour – § 1.750/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 9 Logic Skill
  • Reach Level 7 Charisma Skill

Promotion Reward

  • § 1.550 bonus

10 – Head of the Department

Your Sim now leads the department. Success or failure now rests squarely on their shoulders. They will also have to lead the quarterly corporate meetings through good and bad. At least you Sim had the best power pose picked out for their corporate portrait.

§ 355/hour – § 2.485/day – § 9.940/week

Promotion Reward

  • § 1.760 bonus
  • Legendary Stamina Reward Trait
    These Sims have learned how to keep their energy up when the office coffee pot is empty. Their energy will drain more slowly than other Sims.
Most Rewards of the Salaryperson career are either Traits or interactions. These are the few objects your Sim will unlock in each branch.
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