The Sims 4

Pet Fears and Obsessions

Pets can have a lot of different fears or obsessions, you can’t choose this when you’re creating a pet but you’ll have to find out when your playing the game. Follow your cat or dog closely and find out what they are afraid of. You can tell if they’re scared when they start to shake and it will show a thought balloon. If they are obsessed they will constantly stare and jumping in front of the object.

You can find a list below with possible fears and obsessions.

This dog is very scared of the flat-screen tv.
This dog is very scared of the flat-screen tv.

Fears and Obsessions

  • Coffee Maker
  • Computer
  • Cooking (Pets can only be obsessed over this)
  • Dishwasher
  • Door Bell
  • Fireplace
  • Fish Tanks (Pets can only be obsessed over this)
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Fridge (Pets can only be obsessed over this)
  • Gaming
  • Instrument
  • Microwave
  • Robot Vacuum
  • Shower
  • Stereo
  • Stove (Pets can only be scared by this)
  • Swimming
  • Toilet
  • TV

How can I make my pet more comfortable?

When you found out their fears you can separate the object from the rest of the house in a room where pets aren’t aloud. Lock the door to that room and your pet won’t run into that object anymore.

This dog is really obsessed over the fireplace
This dog is really obsessed over the fireplace
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  1. I have a dog that obsesses over the ice cream maker! He’s not afraid of it.. he just barks and acts playful around it lol I also have two pups that love the bathtub/shower πŸ™‚ Does anybody else have their pets obsessing over things that aren’t listed?! I wanna know! haahhaha

    1. My dog was obsessed with the toilet. Would go into the bathroom, bark, wag his tail and chase his tail happily while having thoughts of the toilet.

  2. My dog has a fear but im not sure what it is…she sits by the front door and thinks of a man with a lampshade on his head. When i ask her whats wrong it just says shes afraid of something and needs to calm down. What is she afraid of?

      1. I found that out too. If they remain scared all the time it may require cheats to remove. If it remains for longer than a 2 days then follow these cheats:

        Ctrl + Shift + C

        sims.get_sim_id_by_name {Pet Name}

        sims.remove_all_buffs {Pet ID}

        1. that should remove the Scared moodlet but it may come back if you go to the vet and reactivate the glitch that’s why I normally buy an exam table and surgery station for home if I can afford it causee so far that never activated the glitch for me

        2. Thank you! that worked. It was driving me crazy that one of my pets kept barking and had a blocked path bubble.

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