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List of the most active SimGuru’s on Twitter

The SimGuru's on Twitter

The Sims 4 is a great community to be in. The SimGuru’s are a huge part of that! I created a list of the most active SimGuru’s who are working on The Sims 4. Most of them have an avatar from the Create-a-Sim mode as his or her Simself. Not everyone changed their avatar so I asked SimGuruTrev why not.

Me: ‘When are you going to change your avatar to a The Sims 4 one?’
SimGuruTrev: ‘If/When we have a dog costume in the game. :P’

Couldn’t argue with that of course. Be sure to follow them on Twitter! If you want to follow all the SimGuru’s, you can follow the complete list of SimGuru’s here![hr]SimGuruGrant

Grant Rodiek


I’ve been working at Maxis on The Sims games since 2005 (Open for Business was my first). I’m currently a Producer on The Sims 4.


Graham Nardone


Sims Producer
Jet-setting, globetrotting, meeting Sims fans ’round the world!


Nad J


Producer. Purple shoes advocate, music lover. Gamer and Anime Otaku. Coffee and tea enthusiast, Noms bringer, Hero’s Watcher. Mother of Dragons, at least in game.


Aaron Houts


Build designer on The Sims 4.
Builders gonna build.


Sarah Holding


I am a Producer on The Sims 4, and I love all the exciting adventures I can have with my Sims!


Azure Bowie-Hankins


Producer on The Sims 4!
Avid Simmer. Happiness addict.


Trevor Lindsey


Game Play Engineer for The Sims 4! Some of what I say is my personal opinion and not the opinion of Maxis or EA. Also, I’m sarcastic.

[hr]If you want to follow all the SimGuru’s, you can find the complete list of SimGuru’s here!

Of course you can also follow Sims Online on Twitter:
[hr]Sims Online on Twitter

Sims Online


Sims Online is a fansite where creative builders can share their work. Our main focus is to help and inspire all TheSims4 players with tutorials and downloads.

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