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Less or No food spoiling Mod

Food Spoiling mod

Disable or slow down food spoiling with this mod

We’ve all been there. Your Sims cooks a delicious new meal and he’s very proud of it, but then you forget to put it in the fridge, and when you remember it it’s always too late: your precious food is irremediably spoilt. Isn’t it really annoying? Yes it is, but worry no more: this new mod made by Mod The Sims member Simmythesim is here to help you!

How? It’s easy: Just add the mod file to your game and you’re good to go! This mod comes in two versions: one that disables food spoiling completely (this version disables also the timer before the spoiling) and another one that slows it down by 2x, so choose the one that better suits your needs.

Head here to get the mod and read all the instructions you need before proceeding (it’s really really important, don’t skip this step!)

Please note that you have to register an account on Mod the Sims in order to be able to download the mod.

Happy modding!

Source: The Sims Community

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