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The Sims 4 Get A Pet – April Fool’s prank


The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs will be released on November 11, 2017!

This was an april fools joke :) I hope I didn’t break any hearts with it, we will see The Sims 4 Pets in the future! 😉 The box art for The Sims 4 Get A Pet Expansion Pack was leaked! Just a few days ago there was a survey about The Sims 4 Pets, no official name was mentioned in this survey but we already got our hands on this box art!

The Sims 4 Get A Pet Boxart leaked

This was a list of features mentioned in the survey:

  • Adopt or Create Pets
    Your Sims can adopt or create dogs, cats, and horses in a new Create a Pet tool. The powerful, The Sims 4 Create A Pet feature will enable you to choose a specific breed or create one from scratch. Customize your pets’ shapes, colors and patterns from nose to tail.
  • Build Relationships with your Sims’ Pets
    Your Sims will build relationships with their loyal companions. Gain rewards for training your pets and build your Social and Fun needs more quickly with your pets!
  • Observe the Personalities of your Sims’ Pets
    Pets will show off their unique Traits for your Sims. Discover if they are intelligent, brave, and friendly or clueless, fast and agile. Encourage good behavior and discipline bad behaviors.
  • Explore a New World
    Your Sims can live in a beautiful new world featuring new neighborhoods and pet friendly venues. Ride horses in the pasture or walk dogs down the street. You can even collect fish & reptiles as you find them around the world.
  • Play as Pets
    Wield control of your Sim’s pet to chase, dig, tackle, and find collectibles in the world. Send them wherever you want when you’re in control! Spend the day on four legs instead of two.
  • New Skills and Pet Careers
    Teach your Sims’ pets skills like hunting; jumping, racing and locating collectibles. Or, send your cats and dogs off to work to bring home extra Simoleons!
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  1. Yeah and hopfully they stop the trend of get and just make it sims 4 pets for future reference, because get doesn’t sound that nice after a while. I like the first two ep names though 😉

  2. hopefully there is a sims 4 pets in the near future
    sims 3 pets was such an amazing expansion pack
    cant wait any longer!!!
    is anyone else excited!!!

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