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Huge Feautres & Updates To Be Added After The Sims Mobile Releases!


As many of you guys read from our last post about The Sims Mobile, The game should be releasing this quater and Sarah Fuchs, one of the producers on The Sims Mobile have revealed more information to Player.One about what The Sims Mobile has in offer after its worldwide launch.


Sarah commented on two really cool features that could be released these include events that reflect the real world such as the Oscars or the solar eclipse. She also tocuhed on Multiplayer features and a roadmap they are releasing right after the games release.
Sarah also touched on a new zone being created that adds different venues, different careers, different Create-A-Sim, build/buy objects, sets of things, mystery things.
We will keep you posted on the news about The Sims Mobile but in the mean time you can follow The Sims Offical Twitter since they keep us posted on news on their games.
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