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How to get back playing The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is the latest title in the franchise The Sims brings powerful creation tools, such as building and Create a Sim. Lately I realized that players put The Sims 4 down for a while and returned to play previous titles in the franchise, because of the lack of expansions and missing features from the previous games.

And that’s why I want to bring some tips on how to play The Sims 4 and have hours of fun guaranteed!

1 – Do not use cheats


The cheats always make the game too easy, it’s more exciting to see your Sim strive to buy something than simply typing Motherlode several times. At the beginning it may seem cool, but with time everything will seem too easy, the game gets boring, because the objectives in the game is to evolve your Sim in their job, have a great mansion, and a big family. Entering these cheats your Sim doesn’t need to go to work, you will have everything instantly. So try to avoid the cheats.

2 – Try to complete the aspiration of your Sim


When you choose an aspiration, you can decide to complete all the goals. The aspirations are the life goals in The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 Complete all the goals and get great rewards; such as potions and objects… the aspirations made my game more fun, because I was trying to finish the challenges they where bringing.

3 – Complete the requirements for the career promotions


Completing the requirements of your Sim’s career is also a good option to make the game more fun. Your Sim will be promoted more easily, so your family will have more money to extend their home!

4 – Gain or improve the skills of your Sim


Obtain or improve the skills of your Sim is also a good option, as well as help in the career of your Sim. You will unlock new gameplay options if you level up their skills.


5 – Challenges

Do challenges! There are some great gameplay challenges for The Sims 4. Think of the legacy challenge or maybe the 100 baby challenge? If you are more of a builder you can try to compete in the Sims Online building challenges!

These are some tips, if you have more, leave a reply!
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  1. I find custom content really gets me back into the game. Some new mod will come out, or some new clothes from a favourite creator of mine or something like that can immediately turn my boredom into curiosity towards the new mods or how the clothes will look on all of my sims, and then eventual fun when the brief cloud of curiosity tosses my brain back into Sims-mode. That’s really more for in between EPs though, as EPs always toss my brain back into Sims-mode whether I like it or not lol

  2. I love the Sims and all the previous Sims games before the Sims 4. I have played The Sims from day one and own all the expansion of the Sims except some of the Sims Store stuff that I didn’t get due to my game glitching all the time. Yes I do all the stuff that you suggest. However, the Sims 4 does get boring due to the lack of stuff that your sims can do. How many times do I do all the aspirations, skills and jobs for my sims over and over. Sims children are even worst the lack of stuff they can do. They cant even use the ice cream maker or cupcake maker that would have been so cool. They don’t even have a stand that they could sell those goods from. What all I do with them is go to school, aspiration, homework and try to make and keep their friendship meters up. But that’s all you can do with them, and baby’s are worst. They don’t even stay baby’s more than the moment that I can raise them up to children. This games needs to be more than Young Adult Sims having party’s and going to work. I do use mods now and I love them they make the game more interesting for me. And DON’T TELL US NOT TO USE MODS WHEN THE MODS I USE I GET FROM SEEING THEM HERE ON THIS WEBSITE.- – – – – – – – – – – — – – — – – – – – — >
    This is my suggestion to the game makers. Listen to the Fans try to give us what we want and release it in small play packs that cost $10-15 twice a month. Try to make sure that pack are not just clutter, clothing, hair and makeup put some kind of new cool interaction that a Sim can do. Keep in mind that this is a Sandbox game that should mimic the world we live in and the would we would love to live in.

  3. I haven’t even done everything there is to do in Sims 4 and I haven’t touched it in weeks because it bores me. When I discover new mods and CC, it gets me back into the game for a short while. I’ve even learned how to recolor to make my own CC (and heaven knows I took off with it!). I’d love to be able to immerse myself in Sims 4 like I’ve been able to in previous games, but it seems I can’t.

    I’ve seen a lot of people say children in Sims 4 are better than in the previous games, but I don’t see how. As someone already said, kids can’t even use the ice cream maker. I don’t know about anyone else, but at ten, I could operate an ice cream maker. There’s so little for any life stage below young adult. I’m not even going to rant about babies because I’d be typing all day.

    The slogan “You rule” is a lie for a lot of players.

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