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Collecting Feathers in The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs

When you installed The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs there’s a new feather collection for you to collect.

How to Collect all Feathers

Feathers can only be collected in Brindleton Bay. This can only be done by cats. Dogs and Sim can also chase birds but cats are the only creatures that can bring back the feathers. First you’ll need to find birds in Brindleton Bay. Click on the birds and give an order to one of your cats to start chasing them. Cats can pick up the pile of feathers and bring them to your Sim. The pile of feathers can contain multiple different feathers from different birds. You don’t have to look for all the different birds but just chase them when you find any and you can complete the collection.

You can also obtain them in bushes when you reach pet training level 3. Send you pet to explore the bush and sometimes they come back with a pile of feathers.

Cat chasing birds
Cats can pick up feathers while dogs can dig up treasures

You can frame the feathers when you place them at a wall to display them. If you collected all feathers you can assemble the feathers into a bird sculpture.

List with Feathers

Crow Feather Crow Feather

This ebon plume belongs to crafty crow. Many chase these fine avians from their homes mistaking them for thieves. They are mistaken, crows only take what they need, and never more.

Duck Feather Duck Feather

The divine duck is hard to compare to other avians. No other bird combines an incredibly low intelligence with such fine plumage. It is a good thing they breed like pigeons.

Finch Feather Finch Feather

Finches are very attractive birds with their variety of colors and patterns. Many covet these as pets despite the finch’s utter distaste of humanity. They are also nervous wrecks.

Pigeon Feather Pigeon Feather

Pigeons can be found all over the world. Often called the rats of the bird kingdom, the pigeon has been unfairly maligned. It is quite majestic compared to many nonflying creatures.

Seagull Feather Seagull Feather

This somewhat elegant bird roams coastal lands but are sometimes found inland. Its activities include fighting over trash, stealing food, and making dock workers angry.

Blue Jay Feather Blue Jay Feather

The Blue Jay is most known for its magnificent cerulean plumage. Less known is its intelligence and propensity to be a family bird. Yet, their baseball skill remains questionable, worse than cardinals even.

Cardinal Feather Cardinal Feather

The colorful cardinal loves its seeds and showing off its impressive coat. While they make excellent neighbors, they are not well known for their baseball skills.

Heron Feather Heron Feather

Herons are fastidious creatures, grooming themselves constantly. Known for their hunting speed and infinite patience, they can be admired with no egrets.

Pheasant Feather Pheasant Feather

While usually prized as game birds, the male pheasant has incredible plumage. Collectors will admire their feathers while considering what to have with the rest of the bird for dinner.

Parrot Feather Parrot Feather

Parrots have a variety of beautiful feathers. Rare in these lands, these feathers are often prized more than the birds themselves. They tend not to bite and talk back.

Puffin Feather Puffin Feather

Usually a frozen weather creature, it is rare to see a puffin feather around these parts. Lost on its way to a breeding colony perhaps? Or fleeing Iceland?

Spotted Sixam Feather Spotted Sixam Feather

A rare find indeed, experts thought this owl long gone from the world. Its otherworldly plumage had scientists convinced it was a stowaway from forays to a nearby planet. This will make an impressive show piece in any feather collection.

When you collected all feathers there is a beautiful owl statue you can assemble with the feathers
When you collected all feathers there is a beautiful owl statue you can assemble with the feathers

You can also unlock all the Feathers with the Buy Debug mode cheat (adds extra objects) found on the Cheat Code page. Place them in your Sims’ inventory to collect them.

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  1. I just can’t for the life of me get the pet to find feathers. The cat has no option. I can click on birds and tell the dog to chase them, but no feathers. Would be great, if there was a bit of a picture guide to this or is there something I am missing? Also tried without mods just in-case it was bugged.

      1. I appreciate it. I just tried to remove all mods again and this time remove the save too so it a new game. But still no luck with it.

        1. I think it has something to do with a trait your cat needs to have or doesn’t have. I’ll get back to you in a few hours! I need to update some of the other guides too.

          1. I changed the trait on my cat to Prowler and it can chase the birds, and get feathers now. But the dog still doesn’t find feathers. I tried both the Adventurous and Hunter traits. Might be only cats that can find the feathers. Thanks for the help. I look forward to the updated guide.

          2. I’ve changed the guide. Only cats can pick up feathers. Dogs and Sims can chase the birds but they won’t bring back any feathers.

          3. I’m still having an issue collecting feathers. I adopted a cat just so I could start my collection. But, when I click “Command to Chase…” the only option that pops up is my dog. I tried giving my cat the Prowler trait and that didn’t work. My Sim and cat are good friends. Do they need to be companions? What’s the secret?

    1. Not overly sure if my cats are prowlers (doubt it – made them spoiled, they are aloof though), but all three of them get feathers for me on my home lot (yes my lone sim has 3 cats). If you plant the ‘woohoo bush’ and the equivalent yellow/orange flowered bush introduced in the cats and dogs expansion then the cats love jumping in and chasing birds out of the bush and often leave piles of feathers nearby. The more you ‘open’ the feathers they more they get and eventually start bringing them to your sim for pats/congratulations. Drawbacks are they can also get squirrel bitten (= trip to the vet or self diagnose/remedy and skunk sprayed). I have managed to collect most feathers this way, but not all. Can try take a screenshot next in-game if people want.

  2. I didn’t play in Brindleton Bay yet, nor did I ask my cat to chase birds…but I found piles of feathers left there by my cat on my plot. I think a feather pile alwas appeared when my cat was chasing squirrels in the Party Bush

  3. Just place a ‘whoo hoo’ bush on your property and your cat will go explore it on its own. The guide is wrong about only getting them in the Bay. Any interactive bush can be explored by cats and they do not need the prowler trait. I placed a bush in my yard and get about 4 piles of feathers a day.

  4. Honestly, I can’t find a single surface to display the bird statue on. It can’t be displayed on counters, tables, end tables, displays, coffee tables, etc. It looks so dumb just being displayed on the floor.

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