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Change Emotions of Cats with Catnip

In The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs you can obtain new herbs: Catnip! This can change the emotion of your cats.

How to get catnip

You can order the catnip on the computer. Click order > Purchase Seeds and you’ll find a Catnip Herb Packet for 25 Simoleons. You don’t have to plant these, when you open the pack you’ll get all the 4 different catnips: catnip, napnip, madnip and nuzzlenip.

You can find some of the catnips in Brindleton Bay as plants.

Giving your cat catnip will boost their energy

This is really fun of you want to see your cat in action and playing with toys. It will chase it’s tail, trying to catch things that aren’t there, starts running around without having a goal to run to and it will meow from time to time. This effect last for 4 hours, and your cat will remain active when the catnip is active.

Catnip will boost your cats energy making them insanely hyper!

Give your cat napnip to make them sleepy

Your cat starts to yawn and being extremely lazy. Sometimes it will fall asleep but it isn’t always the case.

Napnip will help calm your cat and put them to sleep

When you give your cat madnip it will become angry

Your cat starts attacking Sims when it’s on madnip. This lower your friendship between the Sim and the cat so be careful using it.

Madnip will make your cats enraged with pure anger!

With nuzzlenip you can make your cat flirty

It will be more likely to mate with other cats when you give them nuzzlenip. I didn’t succeed to get kittens this way but maybe it’s possible. If you do find out please leave a comment below!

Nuzzlenip will make your cat friskier than usual
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