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Beekeeping in The Sims 4 Seasons

Beekeeping is one of the new gameplay features in The Sims 4 Seasons. It will give you the opportunity to make honey, pollinate your plants and make new friends. Bees are only active during spring, summer and fall. When it’s winter the bees will fall asleep. If you want to keep them active you can place them in a greenhouse with your plants and they don’t need their winter sleep. If your bees start swarming over the flowers it means that they’re pollinating them. This will speed up the growing process of your plants and flowers.

Tip: If your bees get mites, your Sim should treat the bees to make them feel better again.

Get High Quality Honey from your Bees

The quality and the amount of the honey depends on 1 thing:

  • Friendship level with your bees

The honey you collected can be used to make Honey Thee or even a Honey Cake. If you have too much honey or if you want to earn extra Simoleons you can always sell the honey.

A high friendship level with your bees will improve the quality of the honey
A high friendship level with your bees will improve the quality of the honey

Befriend your Bees

There’s a great option to befriend your Bees. Bond with them and they will give something in return. You can see your progress by hovering over the bee box.

Collecting Honey while you have a bad relationship with your bees will get them irritated or even enraged. Make sure you improve your friendship level with them before you collect honey. If they are irritated right now and you want to calm them, you the befriend bees interaction.

Collecting Swarms

If you have a higher friendship level with your bees you can collect the swarm. You will place the bees in your inventory for the next 5 hours. If you click on the swarm in your inventory you’ll get new interactions you can do with the bees:

  • Attack
    You can lead them to attack a certain Sim
  • Cheer Up Self with Bees
    If your Sim is feeling down they can easily cheer themselves up.
  • Cheer Up
    You can also cheer up other Sims
  • Pollinate Nearby Plants
    If your Beehive is a little out of reach for each plant you can take them with you and release them somewhere else on your lot. This will increase the evolve level of some of the plants.
  • Send to Fetch Gift
    Bees will fly away for a while and come back with a box. This can contain all sorts of collectibles.
  • Woo
    You can send your bees to impress a certain Sim. This will improve your relationship with that Sim.
The gift can contain all sorts of collectibles!
The gift can contain all sorts of collectibles!

When should my Sim wear a Beekeeper Suit?

The Beekeeper Suit prevents your Sim for getting stung. Bees won’t bond with your Sim when they are in the Beekeeper Suit and you can’t collect swarms.

Making Money as a Beekeeper

Because there is an option to sell the honey you can make a few extra Simoleons with your bee hive. Check the amount of honey you can collect by hovering over the Bee Box, it will tell you if the amount of Honey that the bees collected. You can’t make a real living out of it.

The best way to earn money is to combine bees with the gardening career. They will help each other to make a better product.

Help you plants evolve faster by pollinating them with bees
Help you plants evolve faster by pollinating them with bees

Pollinate Nearby Plants

This took a few hours of testing but I found the grid how far your bees can fly to nearby plants. This helps improve and evolve plants faster.

The grid how far bees can fly to nearby plants
The grid how far bees can fly to nearby plants
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        1. Yes, it’s always good to bond with your bees 🙂 It’s will calm them down a little. Just found this out while rewriting the garden skill guide.

  1. When I collected swarms and sent them to pollinate nearby plants and then go harvest wild plants around the area it would tell me that they were pollinated by my bees. Question, do the bees inside a greenhouse stay away in the winter time?

    1. Is the first part a question or did you notice this in your game? I can’t recreate it. And bees within a greenhouse will stay active during the winter.

  2. My beehive seems like it got damaged in the rain. It was dark in color and my only available option was “Replace.” Anyone else experience this?

  3. Can a bee box go on a community lot (like a park) or a neighbor’s yard and still work for honey and stuff, or does it have to be a hive your sim owns? Has anyone tried that yet?

  4. The bees are always enraged for me, bonding doesn’t help. Everyone says place a crocus flower next to them, it will calm them down. The problem is, I don’t know where to get a crocus flower. My sim has a level 10 gardening skill and I have purchased 15 rare gardening packet seeds with no crocus flower or money tree seed inside. At this point I’m just gonna cheat and add them into my game by debug because I’m just over it. All of this for some bees, man.

  5. If you were to plant one of every single plant in the game separately (you’d have to graft the various tree of emotions fruits into one tree though) you’d cover the entire area that the bees could travel. That’s a pretty large area of 11×11 if you choose not to graft, although with the latest seasons patch trying to produce rare plants from grafting became so excessively rare that some question whether it’s a bug or not, and it also broke wild fireleafs that you can’t harvest from them. Thankfully there’s a mod to everything back to how it used to be since EA seems to be in no hurry to fix it themselves.

  6. Also worth to note you can create an 11×11 greenhouse you can still put and grow plants inside without needing to use planter boxes or moveobjects cheat if you just remove the floor area. Bees will still be dormant by the looks of it, and you’d have to water each crop yourself since the crops are no longer exposed to the rain.

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