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The Sims Blog: Five Secrets Of The Jungle

Hello Simmers (and mysterious creatures of the jungle who learned to read)!

Welcome to the jungle . . . blog, that is! In the new The Sims™ 4 Jungle Adventure Game Pack,* you’ll find a luscious, dangerous, jam-packed tropical forest for your Sims to explore on their next vacation. We know your Sims’ Simoleons are precious, so here are five quick tips on what you must explore while visiting:


1)     The Market

The jungle is an incredibly dangerous place, full of things that really, really want to harm your Sims. Before you begin your adventure, head over to Puerto Lllamante to see what’s for sale. While there, consider buying a machete for those pesky ancient gates, some on-the-go meals, a shower for the jungle, or even a series of ointments to help with vicious ouchies.

Trust us, they’re worth the Simoleons. And, oh! Don’t forget to buy a local bite to eat from the food stand while you’re there. (Okay, we said five tips, but this one sorta counts as two. An extra tip!)


2. The Hidden and the Locked

There are areas of the jungle that are locked off with magic on every trip, so keep your eyes open for hidden paths and locked gates. These change from trip to trip, which means if you want to truly see everything, you’ll need to venture out multiple times.

3. Seeing the Sites

Archaeology is a new fantastic skill in Jungle Adventure, but not every chance to dig is visible. You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for exploration sites in the jungle. Your Sims will gather artifacts that earn Simoleons with this archeology skill, but that’s not all. They can find rare, precious, and – dare we say –  dangerous relics. Relics with curses. Relics with powers. Relics that make you get your hands dirty, while preparing Sims for whatever else they might find.


4. A Bone to Pick

It’s rumored that skeletons in the jungle don’t always remain where they breathed their last breath. It’s not ideal, we admit, but if you want to get to the sweet, precious relics at the end of a temple, your Sims may need to endure the undead.

But really, are they the undead? They’re not zombies. They’re not vampires. They’re clearly dead, but are they really undead? Either way, just make sure to befriend the skeletons if you find them. You never know what their friendship may unlock.


5. Entrapment

If your Sims manage to make it to the temple, kudos! That’s a big accomplishment. But to get there, you’ll need to outwit a series of traps first. The secret to the traps are the context clues. If your Sims check their surroundings and interact with them, you’ll quickly figure out the solution. Another secret to traps is the answers or tools that may be found in the jungle approaching the temple. Keep your pockets full of the items you gather along the way, or make a quick trip back to the market to acquire goods to aid you, because they might save your Sims.


That’s it for now! We hope this helps as your Sims navigate this exciting new world. Just be sure to share the adventures with us on our social channels, liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, or tagging us on Instagram.

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