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Top Ten HairStyles For The Sims 4!


Sul Sul Simmers. I’m proud to announce a new series coming to Sims Online. Its called Top Ten CAS Item’s.

Today we are going to be doing Top Ten Female hairstyles for The Sims 4. Lets begin


Capture 4

We Start of the top ten with this amazing base game hairstyle. This hair looks amazing with all the colours and I used it so much when The Sims 4 first came out.


Capture 6

At number nine is amazing her from Get Together. This braided hair suits all kinds of sims and also the look of the hair style is just fabulous. I use this hairstyle a lot in game.


Capture 7

At number eight we have this messy but cool hair from Get To Work. This hairstyle brings a bit of mess into your sims live “Laughs A Little” but no really this hairstyle is just amazing. I use this hairstyle a lot for the rags to riches challange.


Capture 8

At number seven we have this plait hairstyle from Spa Day. This plait is great for your athletic sims or sims who want to look like they work out “Hehe”. I use this hairstyle very often for my sims athletic wear.


Capture 9

At number six we have this cute hairstyle which is from Dine Out. This hairtyle is great for a casual night out with your sims partner at a resturant. Its also very good for weddings and for formal wear in genuinely. This is a very popular hairstyle for my sims.

We now enter the Top 5 hairstyles I wonder what they could be? Keep reading to find out.


Capture 10

At number five with have this hairstyle from Perfect Patio. This hairstyle is amazing for everyday wear. It goes with very single clothing opition we have in game. It also looks super cool in all of hair colours we have in game so far. I see myself using this quite a lot while making sims.


Capture 11

At number four we have a hairstyle from Cool Kitchen. As we know Cool Kitchen isn’t a very good SP but it has a lot of great hairstyles including this one. This hairstyle is great for formal wear and party wear. I also use it a lot in Everyday wear too. It also lookes great in all of the hair colours and the overall look of this hairstyle is super cool.


Capture 12

At number three we have this hairstyle for all you party going sims. I use this hairstyle a lot and I mean a lot for party wear and I’m also currently using it for everyday wear for my sim. I really love the look of this hairstyle and its pretty in all of the hair colours. I would definitely tell you guys to try this hair out.


Capture 13

At number 2 we have another basegame hairstyle which is very popular amoung the community. You may be wondering why this isn’t at the number one spot here is why. I really love this hairstyle but I hardly use it in my game so this why I lowered it on the list.

Are you guys ready for the number one spot well to get you guys hyped up here arr some of my honorable mentions.

Capture 1

From Outdoor Retreat.

Capture 14

From Bowling Night Stuff.

Capture 15

From Backyard Stuff.


And the winner is…

Capture 16

This hairstyle from Romantic Garden Stuff. This hairstyle is so pretty that It just had to be the top hairstyle in the game. This hairstyle is great for everday, formal,night and party wear. This hairstyle is my favorite so far for The Sims 4.

Do you agree with my list and what hairstyle for females is your favorite. let us know and come back next time for Top Ten Male Hairstyles.

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