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  1. Love that the EA team is working hard to get us some sort of content but i would rather preferred a well thought out pack that adds substance to the game and not just stuff packs for the sake of it. I mean fitness stuff pack?common. What other equipment are they looking to add. We have got gyms,threadmills,boxing pouches,yoga mats,pools,jogging,push ups,and much more.Unless they intend to add some gameplay objects,i for one think fitness stuff pack is a waste of time. There are other stuff packs that could add dynamics or new game play to the game like laundry SP.with interactions like get the butler to take out washing etc.or how about a stuff pack for building stuff. We need curved walls,spiral stairs and so on. Do not get me wrong EA (sims 4 team)is doing their best to please their gamers and i have never been dissappointed with them until now with this quaterly teaser of fitness stuff pack. Phew. If anyone knows what they think this SP would embody,i would like to know?

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