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The Book Itself

As you may know, on this website, we have a section called tutorials, and we wanted to push this feature even further. So what we did is we decided to create a book, like a PRIMA game guide, but updated to the latest version of the game, and will be updated weekly with new guides, new sections and more. We’re even thinking of making Expansion Pack guides…

Since the book is still in beta, please note only the Create A Sim section is done. We are working incredibly hard to update it. Soon, there will be sections about Build Mode, Live Mode, The Gallery, Cheats, Hidden object maps, job info and more.


What we did is we created a guide made for iPad, iPhone and Mac called The Sims 4 Guide. If you don’t own any of these devices, we also created a PDF version, it won’t be interactive but still, when we conceived this book, we had in mind every user of this website. Once the book is updated, you’ll see in iBooks that an update is available. For PDF users, you’ll need to come back to SimsOnline to download it.

Download The Sims 4 Game Guide


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